{Where did APRIL Go}

I am sorry to my followers out there it seems like lately I just have not felt like blogging. It has been a rather fly by month. We went to North Carolina for a long week-end the first of the month. Then for the past two Fridays I have taken the boys to Dolly Wood. Not today though we have a picnic to attend for dinner. YA!! YA!! I do not have to cook dinner at least. I was wishing yesterday was Friday because I did not want to cook yesterday either. My allergies are stirring up again for these past two days. I have been outside picking weeds and just for thirty minutes at a time though. That's all it takes for me with all that pollen out there. I want to cut the grass, but since this is one of the worst allergies season in a long time I have refrain from doing that. I decided to leave it to the men in the house for now. I will when summer get here hopefully. I like to push mow I feel like I am accomplishing two things grass being mowed and exercise.
I am so ready for school to be out so I do not have to drive half way across another county ever morning.
Did I tell you I have part-time job in the mall I started this month also? Working two or three days a week right now. I wanted a full-time job and it is beginning to look hopeful for one three miles from the house. I have interviewed three time this month with this company. I was told this week in about two weeks I should get an answer. Just help me pray as I continue to pray about this job.
Well, it seems like I have been talking a mile a minute. That's April in a nut shell at our house.

This coming month (May) is going to be very busy also. It seems like in the long months after December just drag by and then when spring comes it is busy, busy, busy. In the month of May I have graduation I am incharge of at church. I have just twenty-three more days to get it together.

Psalm 125:1
They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed but abideth for ever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about this people from henceforth even for ever.
These scriptures are saying to me to put my trust in HIM no matter how big the moutain the task to accomplish HE is there to see me thru. I am so greatful for my SAVIOR.

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