Getting out of your comfort zone

  It just easier in life sometimes to take the zone or the path that seems most comfortable to you. Than to take that job or take on additional responsibility.  The pay increase is not enough, so why would I take that job.   I will just stick with this job because it easier and a lot less stress.
  What about this though???? Working for Jesus in God's house.  So many people at church think today I am not qualified to do this or do that because of  my education standing.  I just have a high school degree. I don't have a college degree or any college courses for that matter.  Oh!! help out in junior church you want me to teach a children class.  Not me!!! I just don't deal well with children.  Me I don't have any training I am just not qualified to do that. You better ask someone else I just don't think that would be the best fit for me.  Oh!! but what about this the one group at church that no one wants to help with, "The Teenagers".  Drama, drama, and then more drama. You want my wife and I?   I am staying away from that department at church.  I think you better ask that couple over there. They are much more qualified than us and yes they can deal much better with teenagers. I would suggest you ask them. You know people it doesn't take just one couple in the church for this department or this department.  It is a team effort.  You have some people that rather come to church and set there and keep their sent warm.  In my family we have always called them pew warmers.   I just set here and keep my sent warm.  What about the music department?  You want me to sing in the choir or you want me to sing special music.  No, he or she their voice is much better than mine. What am I saying get involved in your local church you attend.  If more people would get involved in church and help out, some of us would not have to take on so many roles in the church house today. There is no better job title you can have people.  I work for Jesus in my church and let's not forget our communities. Scripture sayeth,  Mark 16:15... ''And he(Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".
What is your job?  Who do you work for?? .....The president of everyone and everything.  The CEO of the entire world. Who is that??? ----JESUS.

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