I have a know so salvation and not a hope so.....

I am glad to say I know, that I know I have salvation by the blood of my Jesus Christ. I know that I have eternal life through Jesus Christ my Lord.  There are scriptures after scriptures in the Bible that will back this up.
  John 3:16-- For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.   --- Everlasting life means forever does it not.  It doesn't read everlasting life starts not until you die.  I know that it means life forever once you become a Christian and to continue once you die and enter Heaven.  We will always sin no matter what just because one is saved does not mean they become sinless.  It should mean that you hate sin and you do your best to not sin.  Which living in this world of sin is not easy you will still sin because we live in this world of sin.
Romans 3:23--For the wages of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  --- The scripture again said eternal life and it does not say once you die you have eternal life. 
God sent his son to die on Calvary for all of our sins-- meaning past, present and future.  God sent his SON once to the cross not again, again and again.  He doesn't go to the cross again and again once a baby is born.  He doesn't go back to the cross every time you or I sin.  ONCE!!! ONCE!!!!
Maybe you have never thought of it this way.  Take the book of Job in the Old Testament of the bible.  Satan asked God to let him attack Job a true man of God.  Satan being the father of all sin.  The biggest and meanest of all Sinners.  Job was tempted over and over from Satan.  God allow much to happened to Job and his family, but still Job didn't stop trusting Jesus.  He did not turn his back on GOD.  No matter what even the Father of All Sins could not get to Job because he belong to JESUS.  If you belong to Jesus and you have asked Jesus to saved not even Satan can take you from JESUS.

For those of you that say not everyone that said they are saved are saved.  It like this as simple as I have ever heard it stated.  The fruits of your salvation will be reveal if you have JESUS living in your life.  If they aren't any change then you don't  got it. People that decide to turn  back to their old life style.  Maybe they never had salvation that is something that only God knows.  People pass on and  all ages of  people die.  Lives  are shorter sometimes.  God breaths life into us and takes life away also. God will deal with those people in his own way.  Salvation is not a gift you stop giving thanks for all through your life here on earth.  It is an eternal gift so my job as a Christian is to continue telling others about Jesus and pass this eternal gift on and on. Re-gift this eternal gift an gift that is eternal.  Tell others your story.  Your gift of salvation has a story to tell.

I had a recent conversation with a teenager whom believe you could lose your salvation this just trouble my heart deeply.  That there are individual being deceived by this way of doctrine.  Why???? are we teaching the scriptures wrong why are we reading it wrong. Read the entire Bible and asked God to reveal the scriptures to you. You can know that salvation is a eternal gift because it was made possible to each and every one of us.  Made possible to us by JESUS--whom was sinless, whom is perfect, whom is THE ALMIGHTY ONE, whom is THE AMAZING ONE, whom is the FATHER of ALL FATHERS and WHOM is THE KING of ALL KINGS.

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