"Don't put off tomorrow what you know you need to do today"

New year arriving have any plan's??????????  What are some goals you would like to accomplish this year?  What about some changes you need to make?  What about some decisions you know God has been dealing with you about?  What about this --- that is in the past and leave it there?  Don't put off today what you can do tomorrow?  We do not have promise of tomorrow so you better do it today.  It seems ever message I heard yesterday whether in Super Church for the juniors and sermon brought by our pastor. "Live for today as if there is no tomorrow".  Quotes from Bro. Jon and Bro Miller.  That happened in the past let's forget about it and start a new day and a new year. A know a lot people suffered in 2012 lost of love ones(in our church alone three family members died in one week-father, husband and an aunt) and unemployment every where you turned.  Ever obstacles and trials can be turn around in to a blessing from the Lord and that is if only if you allow God to turn your trial into a blessing.  Let's move forward with a new year and decide we are going to be a witness with everyone we come in contact with to each and every person that God allows to close our path. Be a witness with your own testimony how you chose to deal with life will tell who you are living for. 

Don't say things that you will regret and show disgrace to our Heavenly Father.    Just example I experienced this week -  Customer did not like our return policy told her ornament were exchange only this time of the year didn't like that answer even said" Well, then I am not going to shop here anymore".  Even demanded to talk to the manager who was off work that day. Decided to exchange the ornament for another took and hour to decide on just one ornament I approached her once and asked if I can her help her decide.  Then get this after she decided the lady exchanged for a Nativity Scene ornament.   Hmmm!!! Her first reaction was not glorifying and honoring to our Savior.

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Debbie Huffaker said...

That was an odd ornament to decide on, after the way she acted. I don't understand how some CHRISTians act at all!!! This is a very good post, my friend....full of lots of wisdom!! Love you bunches and HOPE 2013 is good for you and your family. I have a feeling it's gonna be our best year yet!!!