Life journey in a nut shell

I honestly can't believe 2013 is on the arising.  I remember thinking back to the year 2000 and dreading the changes in the upcoming year.  We had just moved to Tennessee from Michigan in summer of 1999.  Adam and I then only we moved in with my parents until we were establish and had dependable income again.  I took a job in June in 1999 in Knoxville an Accounting/ Payroll position. He had a job working for temp agency for local factory six months and not hired permanently decided he better find a different job.  So he took a permanent position with a factory 35 minutes from home.  Then here we are again long commutes to work both of us.  I was driving one direction and he was driving the opposite direction. Well, me I have changed jobs just a few times since then.  He is still with the same company thirteen years later.  He said I don't like change just stick with it.  He's right it doesn't matter where you go you are never 100% satisfied.  I am currently working for a franchise Hallmark store and have been now for three years in April boss said you are not going anywhere, but if she retires next year I don't want to deal with the changes. Lol!! 
  Our journey in Tennessee has been interesting to say the least in July 2004 we started taking in foster children.  Well, by September we had went from 2 to 4 boys.  Then back to three the next year in 2005.  Hmm!! Then by the end of this year we had adopted three brothers.  We now also have two godson which were the other boys we fostered. Which, we keep in touch weekly with lived in a near by state tried to see them at least once year sometimes twice a year.  God has blessed us so much since then I have been able to worked part-time and still able to meet the bills and have some pleasure money.  God has been so good to me more than I have ever deserved. 
I am some great friends God has given me since we moved to Tennessee one being Ms. Debbie what a prayer warrior.  If you have a prayer request and she will pray about for you.  Another my current boss Ms. Cheryl which is more like a big sister to me. An angel God has sent into my life since I have worked for Hallmark is Ms. Louise ( a mall walker).  When you see her walking she always has a little piece paper in her hand it is a scripture verse she is memorizing while walking. She will come in and see us and give us big hugs which I just cherish. She is such a blessing I tell her she is an angel sent from God.  She is dear older lady whom is just beautiful inside and out.    

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