{ ...yes the human flesh steps-in sometimes}

I was a reading a friends blog this morning. I sometimes keep my personal thoughts to family members only. Just how human flesh can come in and just take over. Days like that you even hate to admit your a Christian. I told my hair dresser on Saturday I guess that was not very Christian of me. Her comment was though I just do not think Jesus wants us to step back and let people take advantage of us though. We all know the scripture reads do unto others has you have them do unto you.
Just to mention my seasonal tax job has really left me upset this year. It has certainly come to my attention that seniority does not mean anything to this company. I'm not sure if I should of, but I did voice my opinion to the matter at work. I vented whether it did me any good at least I feel I got that off my chest.
Then last week our son had an appointment at the cardiologist office. We always can count on a long visit at this office. Let me tell they do not believe in getting you in and out. We got there at 10:30 our appointment was at 10:45. By 12:00 we were getting impatient and getting hungry. So he ask at the front desk how much longer. Then they tell us that they are running behind due to our doctor was seeing the others doctors patient also today. We set in the waiting room until 12:00 and then another hour in the patient room before we seen a doctor. We told the doctor we were tired and hungry and we thought the front office staff should have let us know. We could have went and gotten lunch and came back. I even said I guess next time we will just bring our lunch. I just think this is terrible customer service.
Let me tell you when we got to set down to eat for lunch that day which was closed to 2pm we thought we were starving. Our son ate like he had not eaten in two days.
Well, he did get an great report at the doctor office. He is glad the doctor said he did not have to take the aspirin anymore.
I guess everyone that reads my blog knows I am human. Well, if you did not then you know now.

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Anonymous said...

AMEN SISTA' We all have been right there in the doctor's office waiting and waiting and waiting .. mine was from early a.m. to late afternoon and then told to go home after rescheduling due to an emergecy surgery earlier in day .. he thought he would have been through by early afternoon ... we are all human and we all deal with things that make us go grrrrrr
enjoyed your posting this a.m.