---2010 in a Nutshell

What a year has come and gone. I tried for almost three months to get a job in 2010. My interviews actually started out in January. Couple of companies I even interviewed twice or three times for a position. Then I applied for an part-time retail job at out local Hallmark store in April and got the job there. I like my job here just wished it was a day job without the nights and weekends. I took a promotion in November I have question myself some days why did I do this. Lots of responsibilities with little added stress. But all and all I like it over all. I would have to say I have the best boss I have ever had in my years of employment. My hubby said you can handle it you still have less stress than I do at work.
We had a wonderful year with some ups and downs a little bit. My vehicle spent most of November and December in the repair shop it was leaking some oil and antifreeze. Finally, got it fixed I believe Praise the Lord. Oh, I almost forgot my water heater went out in December the week following Christmas. But on the up side I have a new bathroom which still has some minor detail to finalize and we got new windows put in the house. I think I forgot to tell everyone, but our son that had open heart surgery in 2009. Finally, made his goal weight. Yes, we all tried to lose a weight and he was trying to gain. Well, he made he is over 60 pounds now. He came out of the doctors office screaming in December he was so excited to be at his goal. Thank you Lord for another year that you were there for my family and I that you see us through.


Deb said...

So precious, Ms. Marenda. Glad you're liking your job!!! If you get a chance, link up your blog on mine...I'm having a little "linky party" today!! :)

Kel said...

I wasn't sure if you'd be back to the post you left a comment on, so I wanted to tell you here how sorry I am that you are in pain. I will be praying for your injuries to heal quickly.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I worked at Hallmark for 7 years and loved it. My daughter also worked there for 6 years, then they closed. I was already gone for a few years when they closed.
I continued to shop there since they gave me a lifetime 20% off deal since I was their #1 customer. So I was in search of a new one and found the best store. I am a diehard ornament collector so I had needs. My daughter actually got to work there for Christmas help and they want to keep her on only they can't until someone leaves. I think it is so much fun working there. Most people don't realize how much work it is! Glad you like it.