Family Night

We decided earlier this week we would get together has a family.... Mom made her famous homemade pizza... I can remember growing up we always wanted mom's pizza and my cousins always were requesting mom's pizza when they come over to visit... We had a good time of fellowship.... My sister had her hubby called me before we left he said make sure you bring the music... Yes, my sister really enjoyed singing for God.... I just really miss being able to sing with my other sister also. Anyway, back in September I was helping mom clean a little in the basement... Our boys think it is the greatest thing to do at mama and papa go treasure hunting in the basement I believe (well that besides their swimming pool in the summer months)... You know we all moved back in 2006 to different counties... If you have ever moved you know our things get lost in the bustle of moving... In September, I found some of our sound tracks in fact about 12 of them that were missing....
My sister and I was going over those songs last night... We had forgotten about some of them and even the words... You all know God has to remind you sometimes He is in control of our life's.... If I remember correctly God gave us this song when we started the process of fostering to adopt the boys.. Read the words of this song and I added it to my play list first song....
The Father has a plan, thought it's hard to see it now
You feel you're walkin' all alone, but He is there, no doubt,
When the storm around you rages, and you're tossed to and fro
When you're faced with life's decisions, not sure which way to go
Stand still and let God move
Standing still is hard to do
When you feel you have reached the end
He'll make away for you
Stand still and let God move
When the enemy surrounds you and the walls are closin'in
When the tide is swiftly rising and you wonder where He's been
Friend there never was a moment that His arms weren't reaching out
You can rest assured and be secure, God is moving right now
Ephesians 6:10
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

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Shanda said...

We had pizza every Saturday night growing up. Pizza and game night and we often invited other families to join us. Great memories!

Realy enjoyed the words to the song! My daughter was singing along to it! :)

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!