I agree with my friends Thankgiving to many year is just step over and forgotten.. I can remember growing up we have always put up the tree on Thanksgiving day or the day after... To be honest ever year I always love the holidays and putting out decorations I guess everyone problems thinks I go over broad I just wish I had a bigger house then the boys would think they lived in a Christmas village trust me... I would probably have a tree in every room.. My mother oldest sister use to keep her tree up year around and just add ornaments when ever she wanted... My hubby that would drive her crazy, but little Misty (dog) she loves to set under the tree I guess she is looking for heat or looking for hiding place from the kids....

Now, back to thankfulness and I am so thankful for all in life God has given me I could never be more thankful than I am today... First, and foremost I am thankful for my loving Savior and the salvation he gave me as a twelve year old little girl.. I will never forget that day I was in a private school at the time and we always had morning devotion before school started and that day it happened to be my dad giving the lesson and I was in tears at the end. For six years I had convince myself I was saved at a younger age, but that morning I admitted I was a sinner and I was on my way to HELL...The pastor wife took me in a private room and led me to the Savior. I was saved now and now on my way to HEAVEN.... We all have a lot to be thankful for our spouse which I could have search the entire world over and never found a better man... God gave me the best when he gave me my Adam... My parent's I am truly bless for that their children where and always been important to them my mother and father are just wonderful... What more can I say.... Adam's was raised in a godly home also and his parent's I love dearly you know they are the ones that first picked me for their son Adam... So we have always had a wonderful relationship... My boys these are blessings from the Lord.... These boys are such a blessing and I jsut told a new friend this week that they are adopted and it blew her mind she said I would have never guess.... I told her that is God!!! What can a mother want more than to want her boys to grow up to be godly christian men for our Lord Jesus Christ that is my prayer...

Here are a few pictures of fall decorations in my house and these all were personally made by myself yes I have a little hidden talent God gave me a few years ago... Sorry I posted one picture twice but I made this one this year it is just beautiful when I light up the candles next to it..

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