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This past Saturday I was blessed to be able to attend an ladies fellowship near by my house. I was there with about ten ladies from our church. The house was packed with ladies from several nearby states. It was a blessing just like it is every year. It comes upon us so quickly I forget to tell my local friends. I am sorry next year in March I need to remind you. The topic for the day"Back to the Basis". Which, I do find to be very true we all need to brought back to reality. All of us for years have felt there are things we can not live without. We need this and we need that oh we think it is not possible to live without. Oh, though we are so wrong. Life is not about a big house, a big car or truck. Lots of retirement money. I told my children I do not need a mansion on this earth I have one being prepared for me today in Heaven. We all need to quick coming up with excuses of why we can not go to church today-my head, my back, my work, my laundry, my kids homework, my favorite television show and etc. The ladies said lets be "Wings" -Women in Gods Service. We need to be helping others. Just other day I felt led to go by their house to visit and invite them to church. Although, instead I thought it is just not a good day for that. When is a good day to invite others to church to tell others about your Savior. What are you and I waiting for? Life is to short and life is coming to the end. We all need to live as though we have one more day or just one more month to live. The kids were coming to our church on the van. I drove by their house after they had not been in several Sundays to church. I am positive I just witnessed a drug bust at their house. What are we waiting for????

The young teens of the church song a sung by "Casting Crowns". I wanted to attached this song so you could just listen to the words.

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Janet Ruth said...

I am your latest follower, and loved this post and the song too. I found your blog through Deb at Jeremiah 29:11. Have a wonderful day.