August 18th Storms of life

Sometimes God just wants to move us to the next level of FAITH. We want to stay in our little infant level of faith. God wants to try to get us over to the other side of faith. God allows storms in our life just to show us what we are really made of. We really need to realize a storm cannot hurt us that it can only raise you up to the next level of faith. Like Peter in the Matthew 14 when he was focus on God he was okay, but once he let his eyes off God he lost it. We are not going through the fire for nothing God has a purpose. When we say yes to GOD go ahead and take me to the next level then Satan is ready to attack.
I know in my own life when I was facing my surgery. I was scared but I knew God was in control of the outcome. I told my God whatever the outcome I would still served HIM even if I came out paralyzed. I told my mom I knew the outcome of that statement would mean a storm to go through for my GOD. God seen me through my surgery and yes today I still have mini complications from that surgery my body is still not healed completely. Now, with Gracie and Ashton in our life's I see God working again even if it for me to show my faith for HIM for this family. I know this family certainly needs to be brought back to GOD they left HIM a long time ago and seem to have no desire to go back to HIM.
I know my mother's health has really gotten my sisters and I to realize just how quickly God can take someone out of our life's we would all be lost without. My mother family has a strong interest for them all to get together for fellowship and family talk time. Be in prayer that beautiful and peaceful memories will be made with this family time.
Just remember a storm we are going through or being faced with in the near future HE is still there and will go through it with us. Remember the footprints show only one set of footsteps because HE is lifting us up and is right there with us.

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