I Believe In Christmas

Praying everyone has a blessed SON-day. Today is the day our kids perform their Christmas program we have been working on for almost 3 months. The name of the play is- "I believe in Christmas". Come out and join us at Morristown Baptist Tabernacle at 6pm. This is another church that perform this song we just love this the words to this song decided to create a play around it.

Being a more productive you

I am hearing more of you are being skeptic out there. Why??? Who out there buys coffee every morning on the way to work with breakfast??? Why not make your breakfast at home and your coffee??? What about a soda from the coke machine everyday??? If you can afford to do this, then yes you can afford products from Advocare and this amazing product they call SPARK. Who can't afford $2 a day??? I wouldn't be promoting this product so much if I wasn't seeing these wonderful results in my own family. My mother has been having low iron level problems for a couple of years now and she has been getting iron treatments by IV now for this problem.  She said the treatments or iron help with her energy, but not like the SPARK helps with her energy and just feeling better all over.  Who doesn't want to be consuming a drink that is healthy for your body?? Being healthy means being a more productive you. My sister Amy Kimble and I have decided we can afford to be healthy and so can you. We are both distributors for this company our website is Questions just ask and email me at Why not start this week being a more healthy you??? Check out this comparison report with this SPARK(healthy) product compared to the Red Bull (non-healthy) and what about Coke (non-healthy).

New Year??

During the beginning of the year everybody is always saying a new year and new leaf. But why wait until New Year's why not get a jump start now on your weight loss????  People if I didn't honestly believe in this company Advocare I would not keep promoting it.  They really do have some great products.  These products are so great that I have been giving them to our teenage sons.   I having been using these products for almost five months. The results are amazing please just give it a chance. I have seen great overall health results in it myself. Ordering product is as simple as 1-2-3.  Please just check my website out at  Or if you like email me at

New Years Weight Loss Resolution now!!!!!!!!

Why wait till New Years???? Start your revolution now!!!!! Check the products out. Here's our website link: 

Do you want --Weight Loss and Over all Health Improvement????

My sister and I have been on huge health kick for the past three months.  We were introduced to a
new product that is just wonderful.  We are so thrilled with this product so much we have decided to start selling this product.  The name of the company is Advocare this company has been around since 1983. The other great thing is that these products are only produced in the United States and only sold in the United States.  It is a huge company.   I personally have been on this one product for four months and it is called Spark.  Love the product my over all health has improved tremendously and I am not exaggerating.  I had a goal I sent for myself of weight loss and  I am 2 pounds away.  Not, only that but on my most recent lab results which where taken about four weeks ago were just great.  My doctor was very, very pleased.  I feel like I am twenty again and I am twice that age. So if you are looking for over all health improvement and are looking for great healthy energy drink I know where you can get some.    Contact me at (423)736-7813. 

Catering for Weddings and Special Events

 A friend of mine, my mother and myself we do catering on the side.  Well, we have been catering weddings and other special events for several years now.  We have decided we want to expands our business opportunity and make ourselves available for a few more near by cities.  We really enjoy doing this and have catered several weddings and birthday events, and anniversary parties.  If you know anyone whom might be having a special event soon and needs a caterer please tell them about us.  We have very reasonable rates and beautiful displays.
 Please contact myself Marenda at (423)736-7813 if you have any questions.  I have attached some pictures from the wedding we did in June.



I Have Jesus - Song And Testimony

This lady is such a blessing.  I had the privilege of meeting this lady twice this year.  First in February at a couple's retreat then again in July at a Teen's retreat.  She is such an inspiration. I know you will be blessed also.