New Chapter and New Beginning

 Back in February we made some changes in our family.  It is ashame you find out you can't trust a man that professes to be a godly man of God.  We had our children in a private school near our house for almost three years to come to find out the pastor there decides to start teaching false doctrine.  The doctrine was so far fetch he needs to change his church sign because it is not accurate. 
Satan is out to attack our families and the main target is--- families that are in church and that are trying to serve God.  Our former pastor used to say there not called problems or unforeseen circumstances instead there called opportunities for God.  What and how will you handle this task will you fall down and just break???  Our will you keep the faith and let God take the wheel.  I told our boys we are going to ride this bridge on out to the end and we will let our God do the driving.  Because God knew this would happen before we even knew. Changing schools when the school year is almost ended... is not has easy as one may think.  Well, we contacted the previous school the boys were in and thank God they agreed to let us transfer and we also have one whom is in his second year of high school.   Praise God it all worked out and in less than a week they were transferred and back in school. 
  Well, this also put a toll on my work schedule because the school hours are much different here and they are back to school five days week.  The other school went longer days and just four days a week.  My boss agreed to work with me and work my hours around the boys new school schedule which was very nice of her.  Although, this pass Friday God opened a new chapter again in our lives which we had been praying about since February.  I didn't want to rush into this decision and changing jobs is never a fun thing to do.  I have made great friends at my job at Hallmark been there for three years this month can't believe that.   My boss is a godly christian lady and not married but God has truly blessed her for so many years. It even still amazes her how God help her with her battle of cancer back in the early 2000's. She didn't even have to take cancer treatments of any kind.  God wasn't finished with her yet she said God had a plan.
Please pray for our family as I begin a new chapter in my life.  It is going to require a lot of patience and prayer I am going to working with children.  It is amazing because God knows it has always been the desire of my life ever since I was young.  It is require taking classes that is required by the state.  Also, I am looking into continuing my education.  If and when God opens this next chapter I plan to go back to college also. If I can get all the paperwork process and credits transferred and so forth I hope to start this August.

Keep the faith God never required us to have the faith of a mountain only of a mustard seed.
If you ever seen a mustard seed they are very, very small.  I have one that was given to me by a missionary that is from Israel.

Luke 17:6
 And the LORD said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto the sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.

Have A Blessed SON-day!!

Take time to go to church and serve Jesus.  Always, the best way to begin a new week. 
There sure has been many situations this week in the media and in the news that has needed prayer this week.  This past Wednesday night message at church our pastor said pray- pray for yourself-pray for others- then turn around and do it again-- pray for yourself-pray for others. This week I just been thinking of these families in Boston, and now the state of Texas. Jesus is saying people I am coming. Matthew ...11:28 Jesus speaking-- Come unto me, all ye that are labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Jesus wants this nation to turn back to God whom is the only cure for every situation.
This week I talked to a business man at work whom gave his life to Jesus in February. This man had recently bought an life insurance policy and once it had reach full maturity in two years he was going to commit suicide. Yes, you read that right. A business man, a man whom was known as a good man around town. He came just let me know. He had gave his life to JESUS and he wanted everyone he come in contact to know. I told him I was so glad he found JESUS.


Happy ANNIVERSARY to some great parents.  Today we will our parents because--
  On April 13, 1967 they were married in Pikeville, Kentucky. Today is our parents--
45th Anniversary. Amy, Joyce and I are very blessed to have Godly Christian parents that raised us up for God's glory and honor and are truly blessed young ladies. We love you dad and mom!!!