VBS was a blast

Our oldest son agreed to go in the dunken booth. Our highest average for the week about 120 kids. We had at least 25 kids go forward for salvation. Please pray for the kids. Some were even our church kids.

Another Update

Can you believe usually on Wednesday nigh it is your lowest attendance for the week. We had 104 kids last night!! We have increased every night in our room. In fact, since we had 24 kids in my room we sent 5 of them to another room because they only had 9 kids. Please pray for souls to be saved tonight specifically at 7:30 we are setting this time for our preacher to talk to them.

Update on VBS

Well, I made it through the first day. I was told we had 79 kids. Our class had 17 the largest class there last nigt. We have a great bunch of kids. Pray that we have many souls saved this week. Come and join us if you can Morristown Baptist Tabernacle 6-8 each night we are having a carnival on Friday night. Lots of fun!!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day. Dad we love you and cherish you and all the memories we have made together and looking forward to all the new memories ahead.

Father I adore you lay my life before you how I love you

Turn off my playlist. I hope all have a blessed SON-day.
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers today.

Busy, Busy Busy

Well, what a week it seems I can never ever get anything done anymore. The bushes and the flower beds and the garden. Oh my oh my!!!! I am exhausted just typing all of this. It looks like we live in a jungle. Not to mention dishes and laundry. I need a maid and new a lawn service men. Yes, that's what I need.

This week we have been preparing for VBS at our church that is next week. We have been decorating our class rooms at church. Our topic for the week is..JONAH. I sure hope I never have to be swallow by a big fish for GOD to get my attention. We are teaching the 10-11 year old class. My hubby and I can relate we have sons that age. Well, keep me in your prayers because everyday next week I am working til 5 pm and then VBS start at 6 pm. Prayer I will need.

Anniversary continues

June 1st was our anniversary 15 yrs. We decided to take a few photos the last morning of our stay at the resort. We just love it there in the Carolina's I think these two states are just beautiful.

Happy Anniversary to us 15 yrs

If you have never been to the Biltmore Estate you have got to go. This place is amazing my hubby comments as we walked through, " This is better than Dollywood". He is not a theme park lover he will go for the boys sake and mine.

At the resort we stay at you could fish with catch and release policy. Hubby caught a bass. I caught a blue gill.

Pictures of the lake where we stayed.

This is a waterfall at the resort we stay at. This resort is called Highland Lake Inn in Flat Rock, NC.

They have animals on the property.

This is the peacock on the property he is loud mouth. He gets up in the hugh oak trees on the property as high as he can and trust me he is even louder while in the tree.