-Meet me on Monday.

1. What are your New Year's Eve plans?

2. How tall are you?

3. What is your favorite pudding flavor?

4. What room in your house do you blog the most in?

5. What is your best physical feature?
My Answers:
1. I have to work until 6pm.
2. I am the oldest of three little sis is the tallest. I am 5'4.
3. I love pistachio pudding mix with cool whip.
4. I blog in my living room right in front of our bay window.
5. I have always been told my hair it is natural curly and my blue eyes.
Sorry I am late with posting.

>>Prayer Request

I have a house full of sick people. All the boys had have some kind of head cold I think with temperature up. Starting to feel better one at a time then the next one got it and etc. My hubby neck is killing him from sleeping off the pillow Saturday night. I think I am starting to get what the boys got my temp. spike last night. We would appreciate it if you kept us in your prayers.

>>>>Merry Christmas

Hope you enjoy these random pics from our house to your house. These are just some shots taken in the house or around the house for the past four weeks. This morning it is snowing East Tennesse is finally having a White Christmas and it has been awhile.

Just wanted to let all my family and friends that follow my blog. We appreciate it and we want to wish you a very, very Merry CHRIST-mas. Keep Jesus First in the Season. For without there will be no reason to celebrate CHRIST-mas.

Doggies in Their Christmas Dresses

-- Christmas Gathering

Yesterday, we spent the day at Christmas parties all day. First, party of the day was with my mother's side of the family. Her brother Lloyd and his wife Brenda is the only one that stills lives in Kentucky the came in. We had a great time together with all her sisters three of them and spouses also. My one sister and her hubby there also. I sat there and I thought about here in the house was three uncles that had heart attacks this year. Which, of all of them we were very fortunate to have them with us this year. When, I think about how time with family members is getting shorter and shorter. I told my uncle Lloyd I was so glad he was with us this year.
Thank you Lord for letting us have another CHRIST-mas together.

We also had our Sunday School party last night at church was great fellowship. Our Sunday school teacher Bro. Chris is a big Andy Griffith fan. I was just so lucky to get him the 5oth anniversary ornament at Hallmark this year. I bought the last one in our store this year also. We had great fellowship and had a great time. Thank you Lord for all my friends and family in Christ.

The Christmas Shoes Lyrics (On Screen) by Newsong WARNING: Sad Song

Where are you Christmas By Faith Hill + Lyrics

--Just Be Aware

Yesterday, after work I had to get gas. As soon as, I started the my SUV I had the little bell go ding and it was gas time. I went across the highway to the Wal-Mart gas station to get some gas but I got impatient and left that station just waiting to get in the parking lot. I went back across the highway to try a station over there just down the street from the mall. Well, just down the street is a Shell gas station right down from a steak house restaurant not like it is out in the middle of no where. Well, I got out of my vehicle to pump my gas and I was on the cell phone with the doctors office. I noticed a man had just pulled up to the pump right beside me and he had rolled down his windows in his car. He said and this is direct quote, " Ma, I am really embarrassed I just got out of the hospital and I have no money." "I live in Dandridge (which is about 45 miles found the little town I live in) can you buy me a gallon of gas so I can get home." I politely got back in my vehicle did not say one word to him and stay on the phone with the doctor office I was talking to. He finally pulled out after a minute or two it seemed. The strange thing about it all was he was in a brand new little Nissan car that still even had temporally tags on it and the paperwork that give you details about the car you know like the price and etc. I was scared to death to say the least. I waited until he left and pump three gallons of gas in a vehicle and then the pay at the pump option which was not working correctly so went inside to make sure my debit card was accepted and the clerk said yes. Then I told her I would have filled up my truck, but I just proceeded to tell her what had just happened in their parking lot she just looked out me like she was in shock. Just be caution people there are some scary things going on out there today. I just had all kinds of things run through my head. What if this had happened??? And maybe he was planning to steal the car and he was test driving it and it had no gas in it. ?????? I just started thanking the Lord after the fact, that he protected me and that I was tired and that was still thinking straight.

- Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today's my birthday. Yes, I am posting it just for me. Well, my hubby and I were born exactly twelve days apart. We just got done celebrating his and now its mine.