Life can get so "Hetic"

 Just seem to have a lot on mind and heart lately.  My heart has been heavy and burden for people this year.  I am always telling my children that the decision they make today will affect their life tomorrow. I wish we all truly understood that.  Actually, took heed to what these words are saying.  I am not saying that only children or teenagers make bad decisions.  I know that from first hand experience I have regretted some decision I have made both as a child and an adult.  Sometimes I even find myself trying to have a burden for so many people church, work, friends and home.  I think I can take it all on myself.  The truth is I have to depend on my SAVIOR JESUS.  I have to take it to HIM the only true solution to ever circumstance. Pray and pray for people to turn their life to JESUS CHRIST and let him take the wheel.  I couldn't take this journey of life without HIM.
 I have a friend whose eighteen year old daughter has made some very bad decisions for the past year now.  I really have had them on my heart (praying and praying for the Lord to intervene). In October seen them at a local restaurant one Sunday evening. The father he was just wanting someone to listen people to pray for his daughter and her poor mother was just lost in thought so discouraged.  
God is beginning to turn this around for the family and I know it is all the prayers that have been sent up.  This month the daughter is coming around beginning to make better decisions please please pray that this year ends in a better year for them.
 Parents remember to pray for your children daily throughout the day.  I cannot say I do my best at this, but I sure to try. 
  Friends and family members are always telling me I have such a sweet spirit about myself.  Actually, I guess I good at hiding my true feeling sometimes.  I can say I learned a long, long, time ago only to speak when you are spoken to and then it will keep you out of trouble.  In my cause it has helped keep me humble, so I can hear HIM my Lord speaking.  I don't want to miss out on a opportunity to do something for the LORD to give him praise and all glory and honor.

Happy Veteran's Day

I am thankful for Veteran's Day. I am very proud of my father who served in the Army. I am proud to call him my dad. I am thankful to all my friends and family members whom served in any military service and those who are currently serving in the military. Thank you God for the protection you give these men and women everyday.