I Believe In Christmas

Praying everyone has a blessed SON-day. Today is the day our kids perform their Christmas program we have been working on for almost 3 months. The name of the play is- "I believe in Christmas". Come out and join us at Morristown Baptist Tabernacle at 6pm. This is another church that perform this song we just love this the words to this song decided to create a play around it.

Being a more productive you

I am hearing more of you are being skeptic out there. Why??? Who out there buys coffee every morning on the way to work with breakfast??? Why not make your breakfast at home and your coffee??? What about a soda from the coke machine everyday??? If you can afford to do this, then yes you can afford products from Advocare and this amazing product they call SPARK. Who can't afford $2 a day??? I wouldn't be promoting this product so much if I wasn't seeing these wonderful results in my own family. My mother has been having low iron level problems for a couple of years now and she has been getting iron treatments by IV now for this problem.  She said the treatments or iron help with her energy, but not like the SPARK helps with her energy and just feeling better all over.  Who doesn't want to be consuming a drink that is healthy for your body?? Being healthy means being a more productive you. My sister Amy Kimble and I have decided we can afford to be healthy and so can you. We are both distributors for this company our website is Questions just ask and email me at Why not start this week being a more healthy you??? Check out this comparison report with this SPARK(healthy) product compared to the Red Bull (non-healthy) and what about Coke (non-healthy).

New Year??

During the beginning of the year everybody is always saying a new year and new leaf. But why wait until New Year's why not get a jump start now on your weight loss????  People if I didn't honestly believe in this company Advocare I would not keep promoting it.  They really do have some great products.  These products are so great that I have been giving them to our teenage sons.   I having been using these products for almost five months. The results are amazing please just give it a chance. I have seen great overall health results in it myself. Ordering product is as simple as 1-2-3.  Please just check my website out at  Or if you like email me at

New Years Weight Loss Resolution now!!!!!!!!

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Do you want --Weight Loss and Over all Health Improvement????

My sister and I have been on huge health kick for the past three months.  We were introduced to a
new product that is just wonderful.  We are so thrilled with this product so much we have decided to start selling this product.  The name of the company is Advocare this company has been around since 1983. The other great thing is that these products are only produced in the United States and only sold in the United States.  It is a huge company.   I personally have been on this one product for four months and it is called Spark.  Love the product my over all health has improved tremendously and I am not exaggerating.  I had a goal I sent for myself of weight loss and  I am 2 pounds away.  Not, only that but on my most recent lab results which where taken about four weeks ago were just great.  My doctor was very, very pleased.  I feel like I am twenty again and I am twice that age. So if you are looking for over all health improvement and are looking for great healthy energy drink I know where you can get some.    Contact me at (423)736-7813. 

Catering for Weddings and Special Events

 A friend of mine, my mother and myself we do catering on the side.  Well, we have been catering weddings and other special events for several years now.  We have decided we want to expands our business opportunity and make ourselves available for a few more near by cities.  We really enjoy doing this and have catered several weddings and birthday events, and anniversary parties.  If you know anyone whom might be having a special event soon and needs a caterer please tell them about us.  We have very reasonable rates and beautiful displays.
 Please contact myself Marenda at (423)736-7813 if you have any questions.  I have attached some pictures from the wedding we did in June.



I Have Jesus - Song And Testimony

This lady is such a blessing.  I had the privilege of meeting this lady twice this year.  First in February at a couple's retreat then again in July at a Teen's retreat.  She is such an inspiration. I know you will be blessed also.

Have a Blessed SON-day

If you do not have a church to attend you are welcome to worship with us at Morristown Baptist Tabernacle in Morristown, Tennessee.

I have a know so salvation and not a hope so.....

I am glad to say I know, that I know I have salvation by the blood of my Jesus Christ. I know that I have eternal life through Jesus Christ my Lord.  There are scriptures after scriptures in the Bible that will back this up.
  John 3:16-- For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.   --- Everlasting life means forever does it not.  It doesn't read everlasting life starts not until you die.  I know that it means life forever once you become a Christian and to continue once you die and enter Heaven.  We will always sin no matter what just because one is saved does not mean they become sinless.  It should mean that you hate sin and you do your best to not sin.  Which living in this world of sin is not easy you will still sin because we live in this world of sin.
Romans 3:23--For the wages of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  --- The scripture again said eternal life and it does not say once you die you have eternal life. 
God sent his son to die on Calvary for all of our sins-- meaning past, present and future.  God sent his SON once to the cross not again, again and again.  He doesn't go to the cross again and again once a baby is born.  He doesn't go back to the cross every time you or I sin.  ONCE!!! ONCE!!!!
Maybe you have never thought of it this way.  Take the book of Job in the Old Testament of the bible.  Satan asked God to let him attack Job a true man of God.  Satan being the father of all sin.  The biggest and meanest of all Sinners.  Job was tempted over and over from Satan.  God allow much to happened to Job and his family, but still Job didn't stop trusting Jesus.  He did not turn his back on GOD.  No matter what even the Father of All Sins could not get to Job because he belong to JESUS.  If you belong to Jesus and you have asked Jesus to saved not even Satan can take you from JESUS.

For those of you that say not everyone that said they are saved are saved.  It like this as simple as I have ever heard it stated.  The fruits of your salvation will be reveal if you have JESUS living in your life.  If they aren't any change then you don't  got it. People that decide to turn  back to their old life style.  Maybe they never had salvation that is something that only God knows.  People pass on and  all ages of  people die.  Lives  are shorter sometimes.  God breaths life into us and takes life away also. God will deal with those people in his own way.  Salvation is not a gift you stop giving thanks for all through your life here on earth.  It is an eternal gift so my job as a Christian is to continue telling others about Jesus and pass this eternal gift on and on. Re-gift this eternal gift an gift that is eternal.  Tell others your story.  Your gift of salvation has a story to tell.

I had a recent conversation with a teenager whom believe you could lose your salvation this just trouble my heart deeply.  That there are individual being deceived by this way of doctrine.  Why???? are we teaching the scriptures wrong why are we reading it wrong. Read the entire Bible and asked God to reveal the scriptures to you. You can know that salvation is a eternal gift because it was made possible to each and every one of us.  Made possible to us by JESUS--whom was sinless, whom is perfect, whom is THE ALMIGHTY ONE, whom is THE AMAZING ONE, whom is the FATHER of ALL FATHERS and WHOM is THE KING of ALL KINGS.

Crabb Revival - He Knows My Name

He knows your name.  Are you living a name- My Savior is proud of.

Camping in the backyard

Well, we had a great time Friday night had a couple boys over from church and all five of them plus hubby camped out until it starting raining hard at 6am. We had a bon-fire and roasted hot dogs and chocolate smore over hot coals. So much fun. We got this tent for Christmas last year and finally got to use it. Thanks Uncle Ken and Aunt Ruth Glenn Kimble.

Casting Crowns - "Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)" - Live


I am Blessed

  The questions is have you always wondered why things happened in your life???? I can tell you time after time after time in my life I have certainly asked GOD why???  Many of you know that our three sons are adopted.  I am not going to say raising someone else's children for them has always been easy.  But I will say God has been with us through it all and we have seen God work through every situations and obstacle we have battled with.  Through all the good times God has been there also. We have been so blessed to be able to do so much with these boys God has been so good.  We have made lots of beautiful family memories lately.  We have had our summer packed this year we've been to Florida and went to a three day youth congress this week with the entire family.
  During the youth congress with our family and our church family this past week my God said I have some answers.   God opened my eyes again this week to answer some of my whys????  Why???--- God was I not able to have birth children.  Don't get me wrong I love our boys with all my heart and treasure all three of them.  We have a very small youth department in church right now.  In fact, we have eleven current active teens between (the ages of 11-18) in our church right now that attend regularly.  Eight out of these eleven kids come from broken homes.  There either living with one biological parent, or a grandparent and are foster children or adopted children.  You may say that is a high ratio.  But I say it is God will for our church.  These kids all can relate to one another.  They can talk to one another and not feel like an outcast.  I told one of the teen girls this week I know without a doubt God brought all of us together in this church because we can relate with one another.  I told her I personally could relate with her because of my own situation with my own children.  See God knew where my journey would lead me one day. If we all could just say God only you knows what it is best for my life. Only you know what the future beholds and truly be yielded. We would not get so stressed out sometimes.
  Romans 1:10-- Making a request, if by any means now at length I night have a prosperous journey by the will of God to come unto you. 
  3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

His Life For Mine ~ Lauren Talley & The Talley Trio

Getting out of your comfort zone

  It just easier in life sometimes to take the zone or the path that seems most comfortable to you. Than to take that job or take on additional responsibility.  The pay increase is not enough, so why would I take that job.   I will just stick with this job because it easier and a lot less stress.
  What about this though???? Working for Jesus in God's house.  So many people at church think today I am not qualified to do this or do that because of  my education standing.  I just have a high school degree. I don't have a college degree or any college courses for that matter.  Oh!! help out in junior church you want me to teach a children class.  Not me!!! I just don't deal well with children.  Me I don't have any training I am just not qualified to do that. You better ask someone else I just don't think that would be the best fit for me.  Oh!! but what about this the one group at church that no one wants to help with, "The Teenagers".  Drama, drama, and then more drama. You want my wife and I?   I am staying away from that department at church.  I think you better ask that couple over there. They are much more qualified than us and yes they can deal much better with teenagers. I would suggest you ask them. You know people it doesn't take just one couple in the church for this department or this department.  It is a team effort.  You have some people that rather come to church and set there and keep their sent warm.  In my family we have always called them pew warmers.   I just set here and keep my sent warm.  What about the music department?  You want me to sing in the choir or you want me to sing special music.  No, he or she their voice is much better than mine. What am I saying get involved in your local church you attend.  If more people would get involved in church and help out, some of us would not have to take on so many roles in the church house today. There is no better job title you can have people.  I work for Jesus in my church and let's not forget our communities. Scripture sayeth,  Mark 16:15... ''And he(Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".
What is your job?  Who do you work for?? .....The president of everyone and everything.  The CEO of the entire world. Who is that??? ----JESUS.


 Well, what a whirlwind life has been lately. Started a new job in May, kind of unexpected job just dropped into my lap.  The wonderful holidays in the middle of this all.  Mother's Day and then Father's Day.  Our anniversary on June the first celebrating 17 years of marriage. 
   Oh!! Did I mention we got to spend our anniversary in FLORIDA!!! The land of Disney. I love Disney and I love Florida.  We stayed at a beautiful resort in Orlanda called --The Fountains.  We got a park hopper on Monday- Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  Last but certaintly not least we went to LEGOLAND in Winter Haven, FL on Wednesday.  If you have never been there you have got to go.  Just something you have got to experience first hand. Then Wednesday night we drove on down the state to Pine Island which is near Fort Myers.  We statyed there until Monday and then back on the insterstate of home we went.  Here a few pictures from the trip.

Happy, Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy, Happy Annivesary to the love of my life for 17 years today. We have been blessed beyond my widest dreams. We have been together for 18 years and we were married in my home state Kentucky. We have been blessed with three handsome sons. God has blessed us with some wonderful family members and friends to share this journey with. Thank you God for Adam.

New Chapter and New Beginning

 Back in February we made some changes in our family.  It is ashame you find out you can't trust a man that professes to be a godly man of God.  We had our children in a private school near our house for almost three years to come to find out the pastor there decides to start teaching false doctrine.  The doctrine was so far fetch he needs to change his church sign because it is not accurate. 
Satan is out to attack our families and the main target is--- families that are in church and that are trying to serve God.  Our former pastor used to say there not called problems or unforeseen circumstances instead there called opportunities for God.  What and how will you handle this task will you fall down and just break???  Our will you keep the faith and let God take the wheel.  I told our boys we are going to ride this bridge on out to the end and we will let our God do the driving.  Because God knew this would happen before we even knew. Changing schools when the school year is almost ended... is not has easy as one may think.  Well, we contacted the previous school the boys were in and thank God they agreed to let us transfer and we also have one whom is in his second year of high school.   Praise God it all worked out and in less than a week they were transferred and back in school. 
  Well, this also put a toll on my work schedule because the school hours are much different here and they are back to school five days week.  The other school went longer days and just four days a week.  My boss agreed to work with me and work my hours around the boys new school schedule which was very nice of her.  Although, this pass Friday God opened a new chapter again in our lives which we had been praying about since February.  I didn't want to rush into this decision and changing jobs is never a fun thing to do.  I have made great friends at my job at Hallmark been there for three years this month can't believe that.   My boss is a godly christian lady and not married but God has truly blessed her for so many years. It even still amazes her how God help her with her battle of cancer back in the early 2000's. She didn't even have to take cancer treatments of any kind.  God wasn't finished with her yet she said God had a plan.
Please pray for our family as I begin a new chapter in my life.  It is going to require a lot of patience and prayer I am going to working with children.  It is amazing because God knows it has always been the desire of my life ever since I was young.  It is require taking classes that is required by the state.  Also, I am looking into continuing my education.  If and when God opens this next chapter I plan to go back to college also. If I can get all the paperwork process and credits transferred and so forth I hope to start this August.

Keep the faith God never required us to have the faith of a mountain only of a mustard seed.
If you ever seen a mustard seed they are very, very small.  I have one that was given to me by a missionary that is from Israel.

Luke 17:6
 And the LORD said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto the sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.

Have A Blessed SON-day!!

Take time to go to church and serve Jesus.  Always, the best way to begin a new week. 
There sure has been many situations this week in the media and in the news that has needed prayer this week.  This past Wednesday night message at church our pastor said pray- pray for yourself-pray for others- then turn around and do it again-- pray for yourself-pray for others. This week I just been thinking of these families in Boston, and now the state of Texas. Jesus is saying people I am coming. Matthew ...11:28 Jesus speaking-- Come unto me, all ye that are labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Jesus wants this nation to turn back to God whom is the only cure for every situation.
This week I talked to a business man at work whom gave his life to Jesus in February. This man had recently bought an life insurance policy and once it had reach full maturity in two years he was going to commit suicide. Yes, you read that right. A business man, a man whom was known as a good man around town. He came just let me know. He had gave his life to JESUS and he wanted everyone he come in contact to know. I told him I was so glad he found JESUS.


Happy ANNIVERSARY to some great parents.  Today we will our parents because--
  On April 13, 1967 they were married in Pikeville, Kentucky. Today is our parents--
45th Anniversary. Amy, Joyce and I are very blessed to have Godly Christian parents that raised us up for God's glory and honor and are truly blessed young ladies. We love you dad and mom!!!

Holding Grudges Will Hinder your Prayers

  Some may think that Christian don't have no battles.  WRONG!!! When you enter into God's army you are entering a battlefield.  I know this is ungodly song of lyrics. But the words mean something to me when thinking of writing this post--- Love is a Battlefield.  Are you prepared for the battlefield, or have I or you let our guard down..  It becomes a battlefield, but only when we let SATAN in and defeat us.  Put your armour back on for JESUS. 

Ephesians 6:10-12
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the LORD, and in the power of his might.
Put on the whole armour of GOD, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of devil. For we wrestle not against the flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

LOOK   :) :) --- at these verses:
Ephesians 6:13-18        
Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.  Stand, therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet  shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.  And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword(BIBLE) of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;      
Wait now this is the good stuff----

Ephesians 6:19-20
AND-- for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel, FOR which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.
How can one be prepared for a battlefield without your armour.  ARE you in your prayer closet, and  are you in the BIBLE (your sword) can you back up what you believe with the BIBLE.

  If SATAN thinks he can get at a Christian and destroy their testimonies and destroy their life's and get in a twisted word or two and cause lines of communications to become destroyed then he will.  Life is hard enough just living in this world of sin and destruction.  We all need to learn to flight our battles properly.  Sometimes, we all have let the simplest things offend us.  Adults and children think we can not be told and or reprimanded for our wrongs.  Hello!! People I don't know what side of the bridge you cross over last night and who told you that you were perfect and everything rises and shine upon your glory but it doesn't.  JESUS is the one and only man that walked on the earth sinless and blameless.

  Who died on the cross for our sins-JESUS.  Not our works of faith died on the cross for your and my sins.  JESUS    

Blessed weekend and Terrific SON-day

 The weather seems to be out of sort this weekend. No, I tell my boys all the time that God is the weather man and it can snow in 50 degree weather if He wanted it to.  Here it is January and we are having 70 degree weather.  Hang up the winter clothes and put on the flip flops.  I took down my decorations finally this weekend. I know a little behind, but the boys would have let me keep them up year around--- not the hubby though.  I got in work mold I washed my curtain. Oh, since I was doing that I raised the windows for some fresh air since it was so nice outside.  I decided to change living room furniture around.  He noticed as soon he walked in ( the hubby) and he said I like it. I have a very large living room big enough for two rooms.  Which, that was great feature we liked when we first looked at the house 6 years ago.  It does look nice this arrangement in that area of the room looks decluttered now. Yes, you can cause a room to look cluttered when it is big too. LOL!!! 
 Well, I hope you have plans to go to church this weekend and serve the LORD. 

He Paid a Debt He Did Not Owe

I had a debt I could not pain (Author Unknown)

I agree with a person I came in contact with yesterday. This world is certaintly getting worst. People today think the world owe them everything. The truth is no one owe anyone anything. But we the people owe "Jesus" everything our life our all. HE "Jesus Christ" is the only person that has suffered for this entire world. No, one truly knows what suffering is but my Jesus. Accept Jesus and your life will be totally change and change for the good. My prayer is for this new year that more people come to Christ. If you are away from God come back to God.