Prayer Request

I have a cousin by marriage name REED on my mother side of the family. He has been a very sick man for over a year now. He needed a kidney transplant and he insisted he waited for someone not in the family. He has been on dialysis now for awhile. He has been getting weaker and weaker. Then this past Friday he received a call and he had to head to WV to get a kidney transplant. Please keep him in your prayers and that his body continues to except this kidney. Mother was talking to my sister in KY on Sunday and she said she felt God presence as she lifted REED name in prayer on Friday. She said it was just like GOD told her I am taking care of him today.
Also, please remember our little man Kenny his surgery is getting very close. We have tried to get him to talk to us about it and he is avoiding the topic. We have not push the issue with him though. Just continue to pray for him. Also, pray that there is availability at the Ronald McDonald house, so we can stay there this sure would be a lot easier on the budget. We have to wait until we get there to check for room availability. Yes, we have made other arrangements with another place to stay if this does not work out.

Ms. Linda at church she just lost her sister on Thursday. Linda just lost her husband a year ago this past January. Her sister was a strong help for Linda when her husband past away and they spend a lot of time together lately. It was just unexpected she fell and hit her head and never recovered.

Why Now God???? But God said Well Why Not??

Faith- That is something hard to stand up to. We have some friends facing trying times in their life her job is being eliminated in fact the entire company in closing in Morristown. She is struggling with the idea of going back to college and not working for awhile. So her faith is being tested. I told her just keep the faith and God will let the next chapter open to what he has in plan.
I like what I heard one time at church- There not trials these are opportunities for Christ.
Even in our own life I just thought WHY!! the old human flesh. God Why now just how do you think we can deal with this now. The answer is you can not but with my hand I will help you through. I even have a hard time asking people for help. I just wish I could do it all myself.

We were given a card this week the words are by Helen Steiner Rice--
At times like is only God who can speak the words that calm the sea, still the wind, and ease the pain, So lean on Him, and you will never walk alone.

This verse was in the card from:
Isaiah 40:31-- But they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.

A words from a song I really like- God will make this trial a blessing.
Happy Father's Day to all our fathers. Please do not forget to thank your earthly and HEAVENLY FATHER today for all he has done for you.

God Already Knew by the Hoppers

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Well, Adam has a long road ahead of him. He was told my the therapist on Thursday it will be at least 13-16 weeks of therapy. This will actually just get him back to normal day to day usage of his hand and arm. It will take even longer to do lifting, pulling and etc. Thank you for your prayers.

Pictures of Adam's arm.. This is to let family and friends see that are not near by.
Please pray for my husband. He got hurt at work this morning. He has a lot of therapy ahead of him. He injured his right arm and cut it badly it required day surgery today and he has at least seven tendons from his hand damaged. He is at home just pray for the road ahead.

Continue: This injury could have been a lot worst. His quick thinking cause him to block his chest with his right arm. I am having a hard time I ask God why now you know the road ahead of us with our son next month.
We all know God's knows best I read the devotion I usually read to the boys this morning and these are the two verses: Isaiah 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
What a week--- little gardening- you know weed pulling, watering and on the list can go.
We got the swimming pool sat up on Saturday--- a 4ft pool but great entertainment for the boys. They were in the pool Monday and Tuesday.
First, of all last week my van need radiator replace we got that taken care of. Praise the Lord when we told the repairman at first he thought it was going to be a different problem which meant more expensive. But at least it was the least expensive problem.
Then on Monday my refrigerator broke down. Praise the Lord had a spare in the garage and a newer one so just moved it right in yesterday. When we bought this house it came with one, so we just stored ours in the garage. I am glad we kept that one. Put the old one in the yard and it was picked up in about an hour. Thank goodness that did not become a long term decoration for the yard.
When we first got married things like this really just worried me to pieces, but I have learned to lean on God. These things are part of life and being and adult. God has provided and he will take care of his own.
That is what we have been up to lately. I can not believe this month is almost half way through. Continue to pray for us as next month will be here very soon and to face the task ahead of us. Pray that we have God's protection, guidance, comfort and healing.

Today, is our 13th Anniversary. I am very thankful for my husband. He is a very kind, gentle and wonderful man. Although, I do not think he will ever really forgive me for asking him to wear white.