.....It's Fall around here

I found this little "Welcome" block
at "Family Dollar" for $2.00.

This is an item a secret pal

got me I can change it each season.

This table cloth I got from ABC distributing a few years back. I got these plates this week at Rite Ad these were only $1 a piece. I also got the candle at Rite Aid 50% off. I wanted the table mats shaped like leaves I have seen, but there $5.00 a piece that is a little too much for my budget. When I seen these plates I thought these will be efficient enough for what I wanted.

The boys help me gather up the fall items this pass Tuesday. Actually, it was out and up efficiently before fall arrived. Just did not realize I was doing that.

Today sure has been a fall day here rain, rain and more rain. It just makes you want to do absolutely nothing.

Prayer Request

Please pray for my cousin April. After having an MRI on Thursday of this week. She is scheduled to see an neurosurgeon on Monday.

Does your life shine for Jesus???

I seen this on a church sign this week-
Practice makes perfect be careful what you practice.

My children have heard me pray many times in the morning. Lord Jesus help us today- help our thought, speech, actions everything we do today to be pleasing to you. Let us show that Christ lives in me.

Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Thanks for your prayer

Mom just had to get it glued back together she is doing fine. They gave her a shot of course.

Prayer Request

My sister is taking our mother to the emergency room. She cut herself with a hedge trimmer my sister said she cut one of her fingers in three places. Mom is diabetic so please pray for her

Do not forget to turn off my playlist.

Do you remember???

Can you remember where you were on 9/11/2001? I certainly can I worked in Knoxville, Tn for a company and the office was on the sixteen floor. Trust me with what was going on I wanted to be home with my family immediately. I first found out when my dad called me at work and ask us if we had heard what happened. We all ran to the conference room to see it on the television. What disbelief was on our faces. Several of us ladies decided to go downstairs to be outside just in case and we gather in a circle and we began to pray.

We all know the world is getting harder to live in and seems to get more violent every day. Please if you know God take time to tell others about him. Just this past week a man out our church told us what happen to him... he said that a man started to fight him over a parking place at a store. The man got out and started toward him and then the passenger which was the other man father told him to stop this man is a man of God. The next thing that happen he was giving these two men a gospel tract to read from our church and both men gladly excepted and told him they would certainly read it. Many opportunities come into our lives we just need to take the time to tell others.

Take time today to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001.

.......Please help!!!!

Anyway, since my hubby hurt his arm in June. I have been mowing the yard most of the summer, my parents help a few times out. Well, last Thursday night my hubby and I decided we would work on the yard. He got on the riding mower and I got out the push mower. He bought this one for me in August it is very easy to handle. For some reason after helping mow all summer I got up the next morning with a rash on my left arm. I have done my research and it really look like poison ivy. I just mowed grass around our fruit trees and our flowering bushes. I have yet to find any poison ivy around any of these trees or bushes. I just wondering is it possible to be allergic to the bushes I really hope not. It is clearing up, but I am assuming before I do anymore mowing I will have to wear long sleeves and long pants.
So what do you think it is poison ivy???? If any of you have a fast cure for this please let me know.