-Meet me on Monday.

1. What are your New Year's Eve plans?

2. How tall are you?

3. What is your favorite pudding flavor?

4. What room in your house do you blog the most in?

5. What is your best physical feature?
My Answers:
1. I have to work until 6pm.
2. I am the oldest of three little sis is the tallest. I am 5'4.
3. I love pistachio pudding mix with cool whip.
4. I blog in my living room right in front of our bay window.
5. I have always been told my hair it is natural curly and my blue eyes.
Sorry I am late with posting.

>>Prayer Request

I have a house full of sick people. All the boys had have some kind of head cold I think with temperature up. Starting to feel better one at a time then the next one got it and etc. My hubby neck is killing him from sleeping off the pillow Saturday night. I think I am starting to get what the boys got my temp. spike last night. We would appreciate it if you kept us in your prayers.

>>>>Merry Christmas

Hope you enjoy these random pics from our house to your house. These are just some shots taken in the house or around the house for the past four weeks. This morning it is snowing East Tennesse is finally having a White Christmas and it has been awhile.

Just wanted to let all my family and friends that follow my blog. We appreciate it and we want to wish you a very, very Merry CHRIST-mas. Keep Jesus First in the Season. For without there will be no reason to celebrate CHRIST-mas.

Doggies in Their Christmas Dresses

-- Christmas Gathering

Yesterday, we spent the day at Christmas parties all day. First, party of the day was with my mother's side of the family. Her brother Lloyd and his wife Brenda is the only one that stills lives in Kentucky the came in. We had a great time together with all her sisters three of them and spouses also. My one sister and her hubby there also. I sat there and I thought about here in the house was three uncles that had heart attacks this year. Which, of all of them we were very fortunate to have them with us this year. When, I think about how time with family members is getting shorter and shorter. I told my uncle Lloyd I was so glad he was with us this year.
Thank you Lord for letting us have another CHRIST-mas together.

We also had our Sunday School party last night at church was great fellowship. Our Sunday school teacher Bro. Chris is a big Andy Griffith fan. I was just so lucky to get him the 5oth anniversary ornament at Hallmark this year. I bought the last one in our store this year also. We had great fellowship and had a great time. Thank you Lord for all my friends and family in Christ.

The Christmas Shoes Lyrics (On Screen) by Newsong WARNING: Sad Song

Where are you Christmas By Faith Hill + Lyrics

--Just Be Aware

Yesterday, after work I had to get gas. As soon as, I started the my SUV I had the little bell go ding and it was gas time. I went across the highway to the Wal-Mart gas station to get some gas but I got impatient and left that station just waiting to get in the parking lot. I went back across the highway to try a station over there just down the street from the mall. Well, just down the street is a Shell gas station right down from a steak house restaurant not like it is out in the middle of no where. Well, I got out of my vehicle to pump my gas and I was on the cell phone with the doctors office. I noticed a man had just pulled up to the pump right beside me and he had rolled down his windows in his car. He said and this is direct quote, " Ma, I am really embarrassed I just got out of the hospital and I have no money." "I live in Dandridge (which is about 45 miles found the little town I live in) can you buy me a gallon of gas so I can get home." I politely got back in my vehicle did not say one word to him and stay on the phone with the doctor office I was talking to. He finally pulled out after a minute or two it seemed. The strange thing about it all was he was in a brand new little Nissan car that still even had temporally tags on it and the paperwork that give you details about the car you know like the price and etc. I was scared to death to say the least. I waited until he left and pump three gallons of gas in a vehicle and then the pay at the pump option which was not working correctly so went inside to make sure my debit card was accepted and the clerk said yes. Then I told her I would have filled up my truck, but I just proceeded to tell her what had just happened in their parking lot she just looked out me like she was in shock. Just be caution people there are some scary things going on out there today. I just had all kinds of things run through my head. What if this had happened??? And maybe he was planning to steal the car and he was test driving it and it had no gas in it. ?????? I just started thanking the Lord after the fact, that he protected me and that I was tired and that was still thinking straight.

- Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today's my birthday. Yes, I am posting it just for me. Well, my hubby and I were born exactly twelve days apart. We just got done celebrating his and now its mine.

Passing on Reward I Won

Thank You Shawn for my Versatile Reward I so appreciated it. I am passing this on to five ladies that I decided deserve this reward also. Check out Shawn blogsite also everyone she is a new blogging friend I meant from Colorado.
The Becker's (Shawn and Bill)

Now, all you have to do is share five things about yourself no one knows.
Then pass it on to five more people.
Then link it back also to the blogger who gave you the reward.

1. I work best under pressure.

2. I am a musician- I play the piano and I am a soloist.

3. I was born in Michigan but raised in Kentucky.

4. I am married to a pastor's son.

5. I am a country girl through and through. I love all kinds of animals. We have dogs, chickens and fish right now. We have had rabbits in the past. I would love to live on big piece of farm land with lots and lots of animals. I really wish I had a horse.

The Country Girl's Gambling

The Haut House

Between the Lines

The Joy of Denim and Lace


This angels is very unique I got it at Kmart. It is clear with some glitter and it rotates round and round and light up. Mom suggested I ad the weathers around it.

I decided on two trees this year in the living room. One in the window and one on the other side of the room.

We Need A Little Christmas By Johnny Mathis

Sunday Morning Song

Turn off the playlist!!
" Song is titled, " I have been blessed".

I truly can say I have been blessed in the year of 2010. Things has happened in our lifes I never would have imagine would ever become a reality. I am blessed everyday I get and am able to stand on my own two and served my Savior. Thank you Lord for letting me serve you each and everyday of my life. Go to church today and have a blessed Son-Day.

--Thankfulness Continues

Well, I did not post yesterday. Let, me posted today for yesterday for thankfulness week. I am thankful I survived Black Friday at work. Yes, I am ones of those employees that had to be at work at 6am yesterday and worked until 3:30pm. I was totally exhausted after work all I did was eat and sleep.

My sister and I usually are big early shoppers on Black Friday, but this year I told her I had to work. Anyway, I was mostly done with our shopping. We usually buy a big family item which is not purchased yet. But other than that we are finished and have been really since August. She did pick me up an spice rack I wanted from Kohl's the last one on the shelf. YA!! me!! She picked up a set of sheet that Wally World had on sale for 20$ that is the 500 count. I did not have to be there to shop she did the shopping for me. Yeah!! for little sisters. I am so blessed to have two beautiful sisters in my life. Thank you God for my sisters.

..Happy Birthday Babe

Happy Birthday to my hubby. He is just a wonderful man and I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone... I hope you have a good and restful day off with family and friends. Ladies do not cook to hard.

I am also thankful to had the opporunity to eat lunch with my sister Joyce this week. She lives out of town we do not get to see each other all that much. Lol little sis.

--Thankfulness Continue

I am thankful that the Pilgrims and Indians brought the Gospel to America. The kids at church said they brought it to the "America of the United States". Love it what will the little ones think of next to say.

God is so good if we all just set back and just realize just how good He really is to us we would have nothing to complain about at all.

--Thankfulness Continues





Today I am thanful for traveling mercies to Ohio. We have new addition to the family a female yorkie named her Tasha.

--Week of Thankfulness

I just wanted to make this a week of Thankfulness. I just want you to name at least one thing your thankful this week each day. You can leave comments and please link your blog with the comments maybe we can all receive some new followers.

1. I am so thankful for my Lord God and Savior. Thankful he wore that first crown --the crown of thorns to allow you and me a home in heaven eternally. First, though you must except that gift from Him accept Jesus and He will give you eternal life.

2. I am thankful for my friends and family.

3. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve my Savior. I really enjoy working with the children in our church. God has blessed my husband and I with the great gift of being able to teach children about the Bible and gifted us in field of music to teach our little junior choir.

----Little Music for Sunday

The Lord has really revealed Himself to me again this week. I can say I've have received some extra blessings from HIM this week. You all have a blessed SON-DAY.

_Continue in Prayer

God is even more amazing just when you think He is not even around. I am so blessed to have christians in my life I can spend time with even outside of the church. My nail tech who is Stacy is a Christian and so is my hair stylists I am so blessed of God to have both of these ladies in my life.
My friend Stacy I am so proud of her and her family have not let this storm in their life allow it to defeat them. She said they have been so blessed. They said they all have really come to realize who their friends really are. God has been so good to them and they are going to start building any day now. Just trying to get started. Pray for them as they try to rebuild their home and begin anew.

-- Become a Follower

Just so close to getting thirty followers. I just need two more. I having been joining blog hops just to get my number up. I would love to have "60" followers before December the 31st. I do have some family and friends that just follow privately though. Just wanted to let you know thanks for following my blog everyone.

--Please Help My Friend in Need

My friend Stacy they need kitchen supplies. If you have dishes, or pots and pans there are just taking up storage in your cabinets let me know. She would gladly appreciate them.
I am gathering up some things to take to her this Friday. I would be glad to pick them up for her and deliver to her if you live local just let me know. By the way, I will be in Knoxville on Friday morning also if that helps any of you out. I think this family we all could use as our Christmas tree angels this year. Usually, ever Thanksgiving and Christmas my family does some donated and this was something we were just talking about a few weeks ago, "Who Lord'? We were praying and seeking go on who we needed to help. We have our answer I know.

My friend is a "Rock" she said this is the most challenging trial they have ever faced in their life journey serving their Savior. Jesus has seen them through and it has just been amazing how she and her family have seen God's hand in all of this.
Psalm 107:1
O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

--Special Prayer Request Update

My friend Stacy I called her today. They lost everything they had in their house fire. They are waiting on the insurance company to settle up now. Please remember them in your prayers and if you can help with anything please just contact me and let me know.

-- Very Special Prayer Request

My friend Stacy whom is my nail tech they had an house fire this week. They need our prayers and help if you have anything you can spare please let me know. They have three children two daughters and a son.




--life can be so busy

I am just wondering how early is to early to put up your Christmas tree? Well, one of my aunts use to keep her tree up year around. My hubby said we could do that and decorate it seasonal and for each holiday. Every year I usually put my up around my birthday in December, but this year I decided it was going up earlier than normal. Yes, the kitchen and dinner room is still decorated for fall and Thanksgiving, but the living room is decorated for Christmas. I will post some pics once I have it all done. I am one of those that continues to decorate for Christmas for days before I am finished.
By the way, did I tell you we are almost finished with the bathroom. We ran into a few problems, so it has taken much much longer than we planned for. We also had new windows put in last month. Making lots of home improvements. The house is much warmer and the windows are just beautiful hope to put new vinyl siding up next year. Yes, pictures to follow but just not yet.

Sunday Song

"Do not forget to turn off playlist".

Prayers and hope you have a blessed Day Serving Our Lord!!

Go to church and worship HIM today.

--Author Max Lucado

HE Chose the Nails

A tool of torture becomes a sign of hope,

The measure for the love of God,

The intersection of eternity and time,

Did e'er such love and sorrow meet

Or thorns compose so rich a crown?


The hand that held the hammer

Was the hand of God.

The hand that took the nail

Was His only Son.

The doors of heaven opened

As He opened up his hand,

And it rained down mercy,

And it rained down mercy.

He built and altar to offer up His son.

How could this be the will of God?

The intervention from the heaven was a voice

Saying, "Though this someday must be done,

Abraham, it will not be your son."

Chorus Repeat

He drank the cup and ripped the veil

When He chose the nails.

The hand that held the hammer

Was the hand of GOD.

The hand that took the nail

Was His only Son.

The doors that heaven opened

As He opened up His hand.

It rained down mercy,

The mercy,

It rained down mercy,

Oh, it rained down mercy

It rained down mercy.

The hand that held the hammer.

2 Part Post- Video Posted Also.
How many of you are saying yeah, yeah for the Republicans? All this tells me is that there was a lot of Democrats that voted Republican this year. Thank you American citizen lets get our nation back where it needs to be. Thank you Lord for the results of the election. Please Lord let this bring our Nation back to GOD.

--Prayer Request

It seems like my uncle are really having an hard way to go this week. Uncle Lloyd had to have two units of blood yesterday. His wife(Aunt Brenda) had neck surgery yesterday also. There daughter called us yesterday to update us on both of their conditions. Please, please keep them in your prayers they need it right now and prayer for their two daughter as they take care of them. Their daughters are both working at the hospital as nurses they have some great help.
Uncle Herbert the heart cath showed no immediate problem. But please keep him in your prayers because it just does not seem correct seeing this was such a major attack with his heart. He told me it was much worst than his attack in March of this year. Which, that attack required four stints.

--prayer request

Yesterday, at church my Uncle Herbert pass out. His blood pressure bottom out on him and they had an ambulance pick him up right before morning services started. He is having an heart catheterization this morning please remember him.
My sister and I went to spend about 2hrs with his yesterday at the hospital he his feeling okay. We had some great conversation with him. It sad how little families are able to get together these days. Growing up we did that a lot visit my cousins, my aunts and uncles. But these days it seems we do not do that much at all.
He had one of these episode back in March that requires 4 stints and he told us the episode he had yesterday was much worst.


I took this idea from a friend. Here is a link to her blog

"Through The Fire" By The Crabb Family (FULL)

--Special Prayer Request

Please pray for my Uncle Lloyd he is the hospital again. He started bleeding internally yesterday and lost a lot of fluid and blood. They have not found anything this far except for some small ulcer. Two week-ends in a row now for him. Please keep in your prayers and mention his name at church today. He is a pastor of a church in Kentucky. This is my mother's brother she went to see him immediately yesterday.

--- I have been blessed

Have you every gotten one of those unexpected blessings? After work yesterday I went to eat dinner by myself. My hubby and boys were out of town. I called a couple of family members to join me, but they were all busy. I thought I am hunger and I do not want another fast food meal. I went to one of our home towns little country restaurants. I like the atmosphere there the employees are always so nice.
I think it is interested to see how people respond to a woman by herself eating out. I do not do it all that often just occasionally, but that just gives myself some me time. That is just something a woman needs sometimes I think.
One little boy next to my table noticed me and said something to his mother. Then she told me what he said about myself being attractive. I told the little boy thank you, but he denial anything his mother accused him of saying.
When I was finished I went up to pay for my meal and the most peculiar thing happened. There was an older gentlemen(whom was by himself also) standing there paying for his meal he was waiting for his change. I noticed he look me over, but he or I never said anything just went about our business. Once, he was given his change he popped a $10 bill down on the counter and said use this to pay for her meal. I know my face to the cashier was in shock. I told the gentlemen thank you, but he never turned around just walked on out the door and said nothing to me directly. The cashier responded and said that was nice of him. I commented "yes it was a very nice thing to do".
I just went out the door and "Praising my Lord". I called my hubby and let him know what had just happened. He was appreciative himself and just laughed in amazement. In all my life I have never had this happened. God was just shining down on me yesterday. I just said thank you Lord.

Psalm 9:1-2
I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.

--Happy Halloween

We went to a little halloween party at our chiropractic office yesterday after school. They had food and fun for the kids. We had lots of fun. They had a costume contest and yesterday morning we all decided if one of the boys won then we would buy a gift they all could share. Well, my mother came up with the idea of pacman. My hubby and I put it together yesterday while the boys were at school. We won a $25 gift card from Wal-Mart. Yeah!!!!!!!!!
The movie was the "Big Pumpkin" from Charlie Brown. One of my all time favorite halloween movies.

--Prayer for Uncle

Please pray for my mother's brother Lloyd he is recovering from and emergency heart cath he had on Monday. He went in Saturday evening with chest pains and everything seem to read normal. He insisted they do an heart cath on Monday and he had 85% blockage. If the doctors would just listen to the patient they would be better off with more accurate results.

>> We have a Birthday in the HOUSE

Today is a big day in our house our oldest son is turning "thirteen" today. Yes, we efficiently have a teenager in the house. Robbie is one of those kids who strives to learn all he can and really loves learning in school. I just wish I had that attitude when I was growing up then maybe it would have came easier to me. We are so very proud of him and so grateful to Our Savior that he gave us Robbie to raise. Robbie just wanted you to know mommy and daddy are proud of you. We are looking forward to seeing what God has instore for you in your future. We just want you to grow up to be the Godly young man that Jesus desires for you to be.
I was up early this morning to make this cookie cake for his birthday. He was very please with it. I was glad to make his birthday a happy one. I picked him up early from school today and took him out to lunch.

-- Chiropractic Care

Well, you all know that problem I had with my cyst last month. I have always agree with chiropractic care I am going for another round of treatment 13 weeks three days a week. I found out that the cyst was part of my problem this time that caused my neck to get out of alignment and that is were it was laying directly above my collar bone. He treated me several years ago when I fell on wet pavement and put my right side of my hip out of place that day I walked in his office completely bent over, but God allow this doctor to put me back together again. I felt like humpty dumpty that day, but God let me be put back together. Please pray for me these first few days will be rather intense. I am just not completely looking forward to this.
I really do like this doctor he is a Christian and he believes in God's healing touch and he is not ashamed to give My Savior the credit for what he able to do with his hands through chiropractic care. You hear Gospel music in his office playing all the time and he just praising his name in his office continuously.
So how do you feel about Chiropractic Care??? Have you ever tried it and what was your results.

----Back from Vacation

We had a great trip in Michigan last week. Got to visit the family and hang out around town and do some shopping one my favorite past times. Which, everyone that knows me will tell you I have way too many clothes. It was just so nice to have a few days with no schedule and could do what ever we wanted. That is a vacation!!
We are going to add a new addition to our family next month we found her in Michigan. I am getting a new baby that is a miniature Yorkie pictures to come in the very near future in November hopefully she is six weeks now. I guess you can say I am getting an unexpected birthday gift a little early my b-day is in December. Hope you are having a good week.

..Thank you

I am just so excited about all my new followers. I stay so busy working semi-full time and raising three boys and a hubby. Everyone tells me I have fours boys. Oh!! how true that really is and he is the biggest boy sometimes. I just do not have the time to blog hop like I would like to. Thanks to my friend Ms. Debbie at Jeremiah 29:11--- I have five new followers.

....Jobs are hard to come by

I have tried to get back in the work force for over 12 mths now. It is so hard to get back to a accounting position or just clerical work lately. Anyway, about 7 months ago I decided to go ahead and take a retail position in our local mall. Now, just yesterday I received a call for an interview from our community college and I hoping to receive a call for another job I just applied for also. Please keep me in your prayers it is hard to work nights and week-ends. I just want ones of those 9 to 5 jobs again if you know what I mean. For all your prayers warriors out there please pray for our economy. Pray that we all can get back to work and get up and above these hard times so many are struggling with. We have a gentlemen at our church that only got three days last week. Another, man in our church that has been out of works for two years with the company he works for and he has work there at least 20 years. He get a few hours here and there his wife had to go back to work full-time just to support the family.

In His time He will make all these things came to pass. Lord Jesus help us all.

The Greene's sing When God Has Another Plan

"Do not forget to turn off the play list".

Song Title: When God's has another Plan.

If you live local and please check out this radio station out of Newport, Tn 9.07 it is a great gospel station and this is where I first heard this song. Times in life seem like a roller coaster of stress and as my family refers to them as opportunities. Just trying to make it week by week and day by day seems like much frustration and the waiting process of just needing an answer from My Savior. I am just appreciative that My Savior seen fit to allow me to overcome this most recent medical concern I just faced in my life. Do you know what it like to wonder if I going to have to have surgery for possible cancer cells in your body? Well, I have twice in my life now and the Lord has allow me to be cancer free both times in my life. I have never seen doctors so concern and then so relief to see and here the final results. The words of my doctor said you are cure and you are cancer free were just music to my ears. Thank you Lord, thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your prayers

My test results from my biopsy came back no cancer. It was just a fluid cyst that just occurred for some odd reason possibly the doctor said from an ear infection.

Wonderful Merciful Saviour - Women of Faith.

Do not forget to turn off my music list. Enjoy your Sunday in the Lord at church.

Just some thoughts.....

It seems lately this world is getting more and more troublesome. Every time you turn around my father, my mother, my grandparents, my sister or whomever is getting sick or has got a life threaten disease. People all around us are getting sick even the most healthy person you may know. Or even yourself is being presented with problem of opportunities that arise that are concerning your health. My mother reminds me these are opportunities Christ wants to know or see how are you going to handle it this time. Our pastor a week ago today had a mind stroke. He is doing fine he does however have one side effect his speech. He is going to take speech therapy to correct his speech. He said this speech thing is my business. He is right how can a preacher or pastor do his job efficiently without his voice. God is so good though he was at church and since we are remodeling several men were there at the time of his stroke to rush him immediately to the hospital. A typical Saturday they would have been no one there for at least an hour. The thought that was presented to me this week. Yes, we suffer on this earth with pain and hard ache. Oh!! but My Savior he suffered so much more for my sake. Think of the cross and what He did for you and me.

Now, another thing that has really troubled me lately is all these places or people being robbed. People are getting braving to say the least. They are robbing in broad day light. Even women with their children it is scary. I just was talking to friends yesterday people we really need to be on alert. Satan is attacking more and more.
We are living more in JOB time you know the man in the Bible God allowed Satan to temp and see if he would turn from God. No, Job did not even when Satan had taken his children, all of his belongings and then it even come down to just himself and his wife. Job wife turn back, but Job did not turn back once. Can I say that or can you say that???? What are you doing to say I am a Christian this is a time we need to be braving than we have ever been to talk about OUR SAVIOR. He is the KINGS of KINGS the RULER of ALL. To give HIM the credit for everything we have been blessed with. We need to be just thankful for all we have today. I tell my children I do not need to be rich on this earth I am going to have a castle in Heaven soon.

Matthew 24:33-36
So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
But the day and the hour knoweth no man; not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Thank you Lord

I am still waiting for confirmation on my biopsy that I had yesterday. The pathologist told me yesterday it look like nothing to be concern about. In fact, he was able to remove fluid from it and it had reduced quite considerably from that. I just am amazed of the results myself. I just about cannot find where it was located. The cyst is located on my neck just above my collar bone. I week ago it was very visible by eye did not even have to touch it to know it was there.
I will have to watch it of course and make sure it is not enlarging again.
Thank you Lord for your grace.

Prayer Request

Please remember me in your prayers. Well, tomorrow I am having test run and the results may required me to have surgery in the very near future.

God Bless you and thank you.

Very Special Prayer Request

Please remember our pastor he had a mild stroke this morning. In the hospital for a day or more. Because we are remodeling our church there was several men at church this morning. As a results, they were able to drive him quickly to the hospital and get immediate medical attention for him.

book shelf incident

He said the book shelf won the fight. He got light headed at school and was standing and down he went directly into a book shelf. Doctor said after lots lab work, strep test must just be viral infection.

{special prayer requests}

Please remember my friend Brenda this week as they bury her dad. He has been sick for some time now. Keep them in your prayers.

Please remember my dad this morning in your prayers as he is having an MRI on his back at 8am. He has been having a lot of trouble with his legs and think it is something to do with the back.

We also have to gentlemen in our church that are having surgery this week Mr. Hazelwood is today and Bro. Frank on Friday.

My Father's Angels - Charlotte Ritchie

{continue birthday}

Just a little late in posting these pics just really been a very busy week. Last Saturday after I got off work around 4pm we went to out to have a fun night out. Last opportunity before school headed back on Monday the 23rd. Well, my sis, her hubby, my hubby and boys pick me up after work. Off for a fun night we went. We went to eat at Fuddruckers and took forever and day it seem to get our burgers, but the wait was worth it. Then from there we went to Firehouse Golf to play putt-putt. You have got to go here especially if you live near by. It is in doors and it is dark but lots of fun. When we were finish there us adults needed a little pick me up so right next door was Star Bucks little caffeine kick you know. Then my husband just loves the Bass Pro shop, so we stopped by there on the way back home for about an hour. I got a Christmas gift while we were there that was nice. I hate waiting until the last minute to shop for the holidays it drive me insane.

I do have some pics from the Bass Pro shop. These pics were taken with my cell phone. Our oldest hung out with the men in the store so no pics of him. Although, the putt-putt was a lots of fun I wish I could have taken some pics in there but not possible with my camera. Oh, little bug man we call him the middle child was third place in the putt-putt. I told his uncle he needed to take him with him to play real golf someday the child was just really good at it. Myself I was last place just kept hitting that little ball to hard.

{Birthday in the House}

We began celebrating Ken man birthday on Saturday. We all went out to dinner at O'Charley on Saturday. He is now eleven years old 8/17 he shares his birthday with a uncle also. Also, my mama was on 8/15.
Yesterday we went swimming for awhile. I made an whole made apple cake with the apples from our McIntosh apple tree for his birthday. On Friday, we are going birthday shopping some more. With his birthday just 20 days after his brothers it just sneaks upon us.
Well, I am sure more pics will be posted later. He is celebrating his birthday all week. Just wanted to go ahead and get something posted.

{Update on Uncle}

He is doing better this week. I was off work on Wednesday, so I spent the day at the hospital with him. My aunt really needed to get away from the hospital and I told her go home for awhile. I arrived in the morning hours and went back and visited with him during each hour that was visitation hour. I spent the entire day with him, God allow me to talk with some others families there in the waiting room that just needed someone to talk to. Many people there in need of healing touch from above.
My uncle is still in ICU, so it will be a little while longer before he comes home. He is eating better and walking. They plan to remove some fluid from his lungs. Just continue to keep them in your prayers.

A New Touching Song By Nicole C. Mullen - One Touch

Just ignore that last comment about Baptist. I am a strong independent Baptist and no we do not believe in sprinkling. I posted this because I just love to hear her sing I see her live in concert in Florida about six years ago. She is just amazing and has been through so much in life. Her and myself also have the same maiden name so that makes her life story special to me.

Casting Crowns - Prayer For A Friend


{Needs Healing}

It seems I have been thinking and praying a lot lately for friends and family members who have been sick and needed surgery or medical testing. Yesterday, morning I got up thinking about the story in the Bible about the lady that just wanted to touch the hem of his garment. I found the scriptures in Matthew where this story is mention about this lady whom had been sick for 12yrs. We get all uptight if we have been sick for a couple of days.
Matthew 9:20-22
And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment.
For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.
but Jesus turned his about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made the whole from that hour.

No doubt had this woman been to the doctor after doctor had spent her last penny to find a cure for her health. Heard about this man name "JESUS" coming to town and thought just one touch that's all I need.
I thought about my uncle that just had surgery on his heart and then Sunday he had to go back in for more surgery because the chest bone broke again. He has been a very sick man since 4th of July week-end. He to needs the touching hand of Jesus. His surgeon my uncle thank him for doing a successful surgery. The surgeon said you have a more higher power than me taking care of you he was referring to our "Jesus". Yesterday, we went down and spent about three hours at the hospital where he is at. He was taken off the ventilator while we were there. He is having some kidneys problems due to all the antibiotic he has taken for the infection that he had before the surgery. Please pray for him daily right now his vital signs were really looking great yesterday and he is making some progress. The kidney specialist said he is in for a long stay. Which, he has already been in the hospital for a month now. Remember his wife also she is really having a hard time with this.

{special prayer request}

Please pray for my Aunt Brenda tomorrow morning she is having back surgery. She has had a lot of heart problems also. She has had several heart surgeries triple and quad by-passes in the last few years. She really needs our prayers since having surgery puts her at high risk.

My uncle Donnie should be coming home on Friday. He is doing well and he still needs our prayers for his health.

One Blessed Man.. LIVE Michael Combs

I was going through old photos this morning and thinking about all My Savior has blessed my family and I with. We are just so blessed beyond what I could ever dream or hope for in my life.

Sorry the video will not play from my post just click and it will direct to youtube for your viewing.

Please attend church today somewhere and allow God to speak to you. We need His guidance each and everyday of our lives.


My uncle surgery was very successful. He had two valves replaced today. Continue to pray for his recovery which is going to take a while.

{special prayer request}

My Uncle Donnie is having open heart surgery today. Please remember him and the doctors and nurses in your prayers. He has two valves that need repairing. My mother and one of her sister went to see him yesterday and he is in good spirits.

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Most important and not to say the least our baby is double digits now. Yes, yesterday was Jon Boys birthday. We told him he is a decade this year. On Friday, he gets to go pick up a pet frog he has been wanting one for two years we are finally giving in on the idea. All though, I told him it is going in a large aquarium and not a small one in their room I am not chasing frogs in the house.

Did I mention we are remodeling our small bathroom this month also. The boys bathroom we rather call it. My hubby actually started Monday morning on this project. It was more work than you can even imagine. He has stripped the entire room. We are taking a closet out to make the room bigger hope I do not regret that, but it was so very small. Now, it can have tub/shower combo in it.

We had VBS last week in the morning hours at church. We average 50 kids for the week which did not include staff available to help. We had one teenager saved for the week which made it all worth the hard work. I was in charge of crafts it was very fun and the children loved the crafts we made.

This is a game we played called dizzy disc.

These two pics were taken for a craft we made.