Just some thoughts.....

It seems lately this world is getting more and more troublesome. Every time you turn around my father, my mother, my grandparents, my sister or whomever is getting sick or has got a life threaten disease. People all around us are getting sick even the most healthy person you may know. Or even yourself is being presented with problem of opportunities that arise that are concerning your health. My mother reminds me these are opportunities Christ wants to know or see how are you going to handle it this time. Our pastor a week ago today had a mind stroke. He is doing fine he does however have one side effect his speech. He is going to take speech therapy to correct his speech. He said this speech thing is my business. He is right how can a preacher or pastor do his job efficiently without his voice. God is so good though he was at church and since we are remodeling several men were there at the time of his stroke to rush him immediately to the hospital. A typical Saturday they would have been no one there for at least an hour. The thought that was presented to me this week. Yes, we suffer on this earth with pain and hard ache. Oh!! but My Savior he suffered so much more for my sake. Think of the cross and what He did for you and me.

Now, another thing that has really troubled me lately is all these places or people being robbed. People are getting braving to say the least. They are robbing in broad day light. Even women with their children it is scary. I just was talking to friends yesterday people we really need to be on alert. Satan is attacking more and more.
We are living more in JOB time you know the man in the Bible God allowed Satan to temp and see if he would turn from God. No, Job did not even when Satan had taken his children, all of his belongings and then it even come down to just himself and his wife. Job wife turn back, but Job did not turn back once. Can I say that or can you say that???? What are you doing to say I am a Christian this is a time we need to be braving than we have ever been to talk about OUR SAVIOR. He is the KINGS of KINGS the RULER of ALL. To give HIM the credit for everything we have been blessed with. We need to be just thankful for all we have today. I tell my children I do not need to be rich on this earth I am going to have a castle in Heaven soon.

Matthew 24:33-36
So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
But the day and the hour knoweth no man; not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Thank you Lord

I am still waiting for confirmation on my biopsy that I had yesterday. The pathologist told me yesterday it look like nothing to be concern about. In fact, he was able to remove fluid from it and it had reduced quite considerably from that. I just am amazed of the results myself. I just about cannot find where it was located. The cyst is located on my neck just above my collar bone. I week ago it was very visible by eye did not even have to touch it to know it was there.
I will have to watch it of course and make sure it is not enlarging again.
Thank you Lord for your grace.

Prayer Request

Please remember me in your prayers. Well, tomorrow I am having test run and the results may required me to have surgery in the very near future.

God Bless you and thank you.

Very Special Prayer Request

Please remember our pastor he had a mild stroke this morning. In the hospital for a day or more. Because we are remodeling our church there was several men at church this morning. As a results, they were able to drive him quickly to the hospital and get immediate medical attention for him.

book shelf incident

He said the book shelf won the fight. He got light headed at school and was standing and down he went directly into a book shelf. Doctor said after lots lab work, strep test must just be viral infection.