My uncle surgery was very successful. He had two valves replaced today. Continue to pray for his recovery which is going to take a while.

{special prayer request}

My Uncle Donnie is having open heart surgery today. Please remember him and the doctors and nurses in your prayers. He has two valves that need repairing. My mother and one of her sister went to see him yesterday and he is in good spirits.

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Most important and not to say the least our baby is double digits now. Yes, yesterday was Jon Boys birthday. We told him he is a decade this year. On Friday, he gets to go pick up a pet frog he has been wanting one for two years we are finally giving in on the idea. All though, I told him it is going in a large aquarium and not a small one in their room I am not chasing frogs in the house.

Did I mention we are remodeling our small bathroom this month also. The boys bathroom we rather call it. My hubby actually started Monday morning on this project. It was more work than you can even imagine. He has stripped the entire room. We are taking a closet out to make the room bigger hope I do not regret that, but it was so very small. Now, it can have tub/shower combo in it.

We had VBS last week in the morning hours at church. We average 50 kids for the week which did not include staff available to help. We had one teenager saved for the week which made it all worth the hard work. I was in charge of crafts it was very fun and the children loved the crafts we made.

This is a game we played called dizzy disc.

These two pics were taken for a craft we made.

{July 2010}

We have been so busy this month I cannot believe all we have done. Let's see we went to DollyWood 4th July week-end and spent one night over there that week-end. We went to Asheville, NC third weekend of the month and spent night to visit with an aunt that was over there for a wedding from Michigan.

{special prayer request}

I just need everyone to remember Uncle Donnie in your prayers. He is in the hospital for I think the fourth time this month. This all started 4th of July week-end. His blood pressure kept getting to low and then they said it was his iron levels and etc. Now, yesterday they found a place on his head and the neurosurgeon is suppose to take a look at the MRI today to determine if it can be operated on. This is my mother's sister husband.

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Our family and friends need you to continue to lift them in prayer in Kentucky. My mother just had an aunt passed away on Sunday and due to the weather her sisters and herself decided not to attend the services. This was their mother's sister and that is a little difficult decision for them. Please continue to pray for these people 100's of homes have been destory.

{Special Prayer Request}

Please pray for our family and friends in Pikeville, Kentucky. This is my home town where I grew up. Right now the people there are facing some hard times with flooding--homes destroy, cars destroy and people missing. Please remember them. God Bless our family and friends in Kentucky.

{Today a Big Anniversary Date}

Today is exactly a year since our son open heart surgery. We are very grateful to Our Savior that our son(he's the one in the middle) has had no complication at all. It still does just amazes me when I think back just how stressful our last summer was with all the pain and worrying. The financial burden we for seen in the situation. God bless through it all we did not have anything to worry about God was in control, but yet the human flesh wanted to do it all on our own. God intervened and the outcome was so successful better than we could even imagine. In fact, the financial part still amazes me keep in mind we went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and we only paid our co-payment which at the time was $250 for a surgery that was over $100,000. God is so good he is better than we can even imagine HIM to be.

Ephesians 6:23-24

Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

We were secure in our Savior arms. We just did not realize at first just how safe our son was and all the little details and etc. were with our Savior as our pilot. I did learned a lot last year just how to lay it down and let the Savior become my co-pilot. I trust if you have a circumstance in your life you are facing right now that you can let the Savior lead the entire path.

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You have got to check a great give away over on Jeremiah 29:11 blog. She is a crafty person and so talentive. You can make anything look just beautiful. Take a look at her site over

{July the 4th Fruit Trifle}

Comments of Ms. Kel I am trying your recipe for a cookout we are having with family today. It sure does look good just hope it goes over well. Take a hop over to Ms. Kel I have enjoyed following her site myself.

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