Prayer Day

Today, I am feeling down again and not so happy. Our little Gracie may be taken away from us at least that what Nana said to me today. She said I have always had my grandchildren and I do not plan to let them go if I can help it. She saids I could never let you adopt her. I told her she made that promise to us the last week of June and now this. Just pray for us. I have went over the authority in our home town right after our conversation and reported to the Nashville office what has happened. The DCS office in Morristown needs to clean house.

What a Blessed Day!!

Today we went and got our official legal documents for our family will. Adam and I have been married now for 12 years I guess it was about time. That is a relief to have accomplished. Well, the final rehearsal week begins tonight for Jonathan. I sure the kids will be exhausted by the time Friday roles around. Pray for the kids to have a successful week. This coming Friday 25th night is the big show the first night then the rest of the Sat-Sun 26th-27th. They also are performing during the first week-end in August 1st-3rd. I am so excited for him. We are hoping the next play he is in myself and him can be in it. Well, I better sign off for now. God is good and God is great let's all be thankful for another day to serve HIM.....

First Pool Day!!

We finally got to get in the pool today. It took awhile for it to get filled with water. Gracie just loves water she kept trying to drink the water. I guess they even do that at a very early age.
I had devotion with the kids this morning. The topic was being thankful and not complaining about what God has given us. So many times we pray a prayer of thankfulness and then next words out of our mouths are unthankfulness. I thank God for my food and then next I complain this is not my favorite thing to eat and etc. It seems like we really are not thankful.
God Bless you with a wonderful and bless week-end. Next, week-end the big event for the Stiles Jonathan play is next week-end.

Fun Day!

The kids are so excited the pool is currently being filled up with water. Today, they played with the slip and slide for a little while. I told the boys we have better finish filling up the pool. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be filled at least I hope so. This week their going with their cousin to his church for VBS.
I have been reading the "Shack" what a interesting book. I am really enjoying it. I am about half way through it now. Well, I better sign off for now.

Back from Vacation!!

Well, this week as seemed to fly by unlike last week. We just missed the kids a lot, but we found lots to do to keep busy. Adam and I enjoyed our time together some much. The boys enjoyed camp to the fullest their favorite part was the emergency candy they received daily from Aunt Connie. She said they had to pretend they were sick and then she would give them candy.
Today we went to Knoxville with the kids and we ate at Olive Garden. That was very good!!! This is my mother's favorite place to eat. I really enjoyed it also. I wish we had one in Morristown. Well, I better sign off for now.