Big Trip Day

Today a big day for the Stiles family. The boys are heading to camp with their grandpa and five of their nine cousin what a day. Adam and I are heading to Minnesota for the day what a major event day. Adam has never been in an airplane how excited I am for him. To think his first time is with his wife of 12 yrs. I am not sure about leaving the boys for five days, but I know their in good hands with grandpa.
God Bless everyone and may God handy work be revealed again in your life today.

Today was Busy

We spent the morning in Knoxville the boys, mom and I. The boys and I with little Grace enjoyed the day together at the mall while mom was in the doctor offices for several test and appt. We just had a peaceful relaxing day with each other and it was so nice to get away for the day in a different town. Next Friday we leave for vacation and I am so excited I need some time away that is for sure. Much needed rest for Adam and I and the boys get to spend the week at camp with relatives so they are excited also. I hope you all had a bless day and may God always be your closes friend.

God's Answer in The Morning, Noon and All day.

We talk with a lawyer this morning. He was very encouraging and a godly christian lawyer with lots of good legal advice. We could see through him how God was working and see how we were sent to just the right lawyer. Our pastor and his family always have used this man for all legal paperwork and advice and now I see why. A friend of mine is talking to this lawyer for legal adoption of five children. Just continue to pray for us and that God will see us through this little trial in our life and that His will be done.

Garden Day

Well, since it rain in our area all day Saturday no garden work was done. So the boys and I and my parents weeded the garden for about an hour this morning. The boys sure did not like all that work my quote "no work no eat". Then they decided they better work, but still not without complaint of course they were actually afraid of getting their hands dirty. I guess Adam and I will work a little more later this evening. Well, today at least we made some sucessful effort toward our future crops of vegetables. Take care you all have a bless day.

Relaxing Day

Just hanging around mom and dad with the kids. They have played their little hearts out. They have been going to VBS at a friends church this week. We are having revival meetings at our church with special speaker Joe Mark. He is a traveling evangelist that lives by faith no monthly support from anyone. He is amazing speaker and get directly to the point.
Please have a enjoyable and bless day.