Update of Pastor

Bro. Ralph had a much, much better day. We got and update on him today. He finally woke up and is doing much better. He ate on his own today in fact he had eggs and oatmeal they said. Although, his kidneys are still not functioning. He is still on dialysis for this. He said he is really to come home. Continue to pray for him he has a long road ahead of himself. The feeding tube we were told they did not have to insert because he finally woke up enough last night and ate a little.

Update on Special Prayer Request

Our Pastor Ralph really needs your prayers. He is still recovery rather slow from his open heart surgery and several complications. His kidneys are still not functioning properly he is on dialysis. They decided to back him off the morphine yesterday and tried to get him to wake up to eat more. As of last night they decided a feeding tube was necessary. The family really needs your prayers. His granddaughter is really concern also remember her in your prayers she is in second grade.

Mike Upright sings, "I sure cost alot"

I got to see Mike Upright in concert Friday night in Travelers Rest, SC. He was at a friend's church she invited us and we took her up on the invitations. I had a great time.
He is referred to as"Southern Gentlemen" of Gospel Music. His website is Mike Upright.

Update on Pastor

Our pastor Bro. Ralph had a triple by pass yesterday and a valve replacement. He is doing really good has long road to recovery. He was taken off ventilator last night between 9:45 and 10pm. He is on his way to recover now. Please continue to remember him in your prayers.

Also, Bro. Ray at church is scheduled for surgery on March 3rd. Please remember him he is very scared right now. He was not able to attend church last night.

We also have a lot of sick children in our congregation with the flu and strep throat.

Hear My Heart by Jeff & Sheri Easter - Video with Lyrics

I just heard this song for the first time this week. Sheri Easter wrote this song after she found out she had breast cancer. I just love the words to this song.
My sister and I sing special music at our church. I order it online for us yesterday morning.
Please listen to these comforting words they are such a blessing.

Prayer Requests

Remember our pastor Bro. Ralph he is having his heart surgery on Wednesday this week.

My Uncle Donnie is having complications from his surgery he had back in the fall.

My Uncle Herbert is facing heart surgery in the near future also.

Bro. Ray at church also was told on Friday heart surgery in the near future also.

Please lift all these men up in your prayers.

-Tasha in February

She likes her picture taken I got out the camera this morning she was jumping up and down take a picture of me.

---Some Pics

I found another picture a little better.
I have not posted any pictures in a long, long time. Work has been rather busy for the past three months. We had Christmas shoppers the entire month of December, then in January we had the year end inventory and then Love Day you know Valentine's Day. Now, we are preparing for corporate visitors next week in the store and we are trying hard to make the store extremely acceptable. I inventory V-Day cards all day yesterday then we can put them back in storage I was exhausted when I got home. I fixed dinner after worked and then crashed for the evening.

Well, here is some one of my favorite gifts I got for my birthday in January from our parents. I told them-- being my parents and his parents just give me money. I found a purse I wanted for my birthday. It is a fun purse I finally decided to start carrying it in late January. I decided it was to "Spring" to carry before then.

My hubby celebrated V-Day a little early this year I was off the week-end before Valentine's so we went to Johnson City and went out to eat and shopping. First, we went to his favorite book store--Moody's Books( just off of North Roan Street) he just loves it there he could spend the night there if they would let him. Next, we ate at Olive Garden one of my most favorite places to eat. Then we went to the mall. This is what I told him he wanted so he got it for me. Yes, it does have our names engraved on the heart I just could not get my camera to focus in our that.

What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Alan Jackson

In memory of my friend Debbie that lost her son yesterday. Please pray for her and the little boys her grandson during this time in the lost of their father. My heart is burden and heavy for them this morning.

Very Special Prayer Request

Please pray for two little boys at church(school age) lost their father today in a house fire. These little boys my heart is breaking for them this evening. Their grandmother has had permanent custody of them for awhile. Their mother is not in their lives either.

Prayer Request

Our niece Katie is having her tonsils taken out today. Please remember her in your prayers also.

Prayer Request

Please pray for our pastor Bro Ralph he is having surgery tomorrow concerning his heart. He is in much needed prayer. He has an heart valve they want to explore and determine how to correct it.

Uncle Herbert also is having more test ran on his heart also tomorrow.

LeAnn Rimes - Amazing Grace (Acapella)

National Awareness Cancer Day

Ladies today is a good day to wear pink for national awareness cancer day. Please remember all your friends whom have had cancer or pass on due to this awful illness.
Lord bless my friends whom have cancer today and give them the strength to face the day ahead of them.. Also, the individuals names whom have been mention to me for pray for the cancer disease they are dealing with bless them this day also.

Thank you Sweetie for the Blog Award!!

Thank you Mamaw Bee's Place for this Stylish blogger Award. If you have not ever read her blog you are most certain to have been missing out on a blessing.
Seven things about myself I wanted to share.
1. My faith I give credit to My Lord and My Savior. He is my Rock, Fortress, My Shepherd. He is my everlasting friend help in ever situation.
2. I am a girly girl. Yes, I love a day at the salon pamper me please.
3. I am very loving person. I just love everyone it is a love that my Savior has given me toward all people. I think I could never really hold a grudge forever against anyone.
4. My favor past time is shopping. I love purses, shoes and dresses.
5. Spending time with my family I love to do. My boys I just love them so much they hold a special place in my heart.
6. I love the ocean. I wish every year I could go to Florida for vacation. I guess I think the sound of the ocean I just feel I can hear my Savior voice speaking.
7. I love my hubby. For all of you that don't know this we were induced by his parents. Yes, my in-laws loved me before my hubby. We have now been together for 16 years and been married for 15 years in June.
Seven lovely ladies I want to pass this Stylish Blogger Award to are as Follows:

Angel Unaware

Do you ever think of anyone as an angel? I can say I have certainly sense them in my presence many times in my life time. There are just some people you cross paths with that you just have to say he or she is an angel here on earth. I work in retail and it is unreal the different personalities you can come in contact with on a daily basis.

Although, we have this one lady that comes in our store two or three times a week during the week you always, always see her in Monday mornings. She is the sweetest lady you can imagine she is a retiree and she is just so kind, compassionate and generous. Most days she just stops in to say, "hi" and give you a hug for the day. I say those hugs are sent down from Jesus. She calls you sweetie and just so very, very nice. She just makes your day when she comes in. Prayer warrior she is also. She even gives you names of people she wants you to pray for.

Hebrews 13:2
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby
adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.